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Number 1/ February 2014
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Volume 12 Number 2/ May 2014


Ian G. Barbour (1923–2013): In Memoriam to the Pioneer of Science and Religion 
Robert John Russell 


The Intrinsic Moral Value of the Human Embryo: Holistic Anthropology and the Use of Human Embryos in Research 
Angeliki Kerasidou 

Contesting Faith, Truth, and Religious Language at the Creation Museum: A Historical-Theological Reflection 
Brent Hege 

Reasons for the Newness of the World: Craig's Kalam Cosmological Argument, Interdisciplinary Theology, and Best Explanations 
Daniel Pedersen & Christopher Lilley 

Book Symposioum: Responses to Russell's  Response  on Time in Eternity 

Does Flowing Time Have a Fractal-like Structure? 
Wolfgang Achtner 

A Response to Russell's Response 
Gennaro Auletta, Ivan Colagè & Lluc Torcal 

A Response to the Response of Robert John Russell 
Johanne S. Teglbjærg Kristensen 

On God and Time: A Rejoinder to Russell 
Alan G. Padgett 

Responding to Russell's Response on Time in Eternity 
Kirk Wegter-McNelly 

Book Reviews

The Enigma of i-Consciousness by Anindita Niyogi Balslev
Reviewed by Whitney A. Bauman 

Science and Faith: A New Introduction by John F. Haught
Reviewed by Jamie L. Randolph

Volume 12 Number 1/ February 2014


The Hermeneutics of Science and Scripture and Emergent Levels of Meaning
Joshua M. Moritz

The Justice of Patenting Human Genes
Braden Molhoek


Stenmark's Multidimensional Model and the Contemporary Debate on Islam and Science
Stefano Bigliardi

Astrotheology and Spaceflight: Prophecy, Transcendence and Salvation on the High Frontier
Albert A. Harrison

Badiou, Keyser, and the Theo-mathematics of the Infinite
Hollis Phelps

Fine Tuning, Atheist Criticism, and the Fifth Way
Glenn Siniscalchi

Book Symposium: Time In Eternity: Pannenberg, Physics, and Eschatology in Creative Mutual Interaction

Reflecting on Time in Eternity
Wolfgang Achtner

Discontinuity and Continuity between the Present Creation and New Creation
Gennaro Auletta, Ivan Colagè, Lluc Torcal

Robert Russell's use of Pannenberg in Time in Eternity
Johanne S. Teglbjærg Kristensen

God, Time, and Eternity
Alan Padgett

The Creative Mutual Interaction of Time and Eternity
Kirk Wegter-McNelly

A Response to the Reviewers
Robert John Russell

Book Reviews

Christina as der Au, Im Horizont der Anrede
Reviewed by Andreas Losch

Sally Satel and Scott Lilienfeld, Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience
Reviewed by Alan Weissenbacher


Volume 11 Number 3/ August 2013


Toward a Theology of the Evolutionarily Unfit
Ted Peters


Recent Roman Catholic Interpretations of Evolution
Robert John Russell

The Higgs Boson: An Adventure in Critical Realism
Ted Peters and Carl Peterson

Protestantism and Mysticism from the Perspective of Neuroscience
Wolfgang Achtner and Ulrich Ott

A Critique of Wolfhart Pannenberg's Scientific Theology
Daniel R. Alvarez

“Mind the Gap”: How Gaps in Neuroscience Can Inform Theological Understanding
James M. Kerns

The Myth of Mortification: The Cosmic Insignificance of Humanity and the Rhetoric of ‘Copernican Revolutions’
Jim Slagle

Wonder Divine: At End but Ever New
Lloyd Sandelands and Arne Carlsen

Theological Attentiveness to A Universe from Nothing: A Review Essay
Patrick J. Cronin

Book Review

Johannes Reinke: Leben und Werk eines lutherischen Botanikers by Volker Wissemann
Reviewed by Markus Loeffler



Volume 11 Number 2/ May 2013


The Planet We Adore
Ted Peters


E. O. Wilson's Conquest of Earth
Ted Peters

Evolutionary Perspectives and Transdisciplinary Intersections: A Roadmap to Generative Areas of Overlap in Discussing Human Nature
Agustin Fuentes

Religion, Theology and Science: A Reformational-Dooyeweerdian Approach
Renato Coletto

Hegel and Whitehead: In Search for Sources of Contemporary Versions of Panentheism in Science/Theology Dialogue
Mariusz Tabaczek, OP

Book Reviews

Cyborg Selves: A Theological Anthropology of the Posthuman by Jeanine Thweatt-Bates
Reviewed by Adam Pryor

Unlocking Divine Action: Contemporary Science & Thomas Aquinas by Michael J. Dodds, O.P.
Reviewed by Mariusz Tabaczek, O.P.


Volume 11 Number 1/ February 2013


God's Creation Through Evolution and the Language of Scripture
Joshua M. Moritz


Christian Mysticism and Science: The Psychological Dimension
Normand M. Laurendeau

Veiled Reality and Structural Realism
Joseph A. Bracken, S.J.

Space Conquest and Ritual Practices: Lighting Candles for Ariane
Jacques Arnould

Icons, Science, and Faith: Comparative Examination of the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo
Kelly P. Kearse

Theistic Multiverse and Slippery Slopes: A Response to Klaas Kraay
Anna Ijjas, Johannes Grössl, and Ludwig Jaskolla

Book Reviews

Vast Universe Extraterrestrials and Christian Revelation by Thomas F. O'Meara.
Reviewed by William R. Stoeger, S.J.

Can Christianity Cure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder? by Ian Osborn.
Reviewed by Natasha Dagys

Living in Spain: Narrative as a Distributed Ontology of Human Action by Andrew P. Porter.
Reviewed by Matthew Crabb


Volume 10 Number 4/ November 2012


The Higgs Boson, the Rationality of Nature, and the Logos of God
Robert John Russell

Normand Laurendeau: Spirituality and Science at the Apex of His Life's Vision
Robert John Russell


Christian Mysticism and Science: The Phenomenological Dimension
Normand M. Laurendeau

The Physical Status of Astronomical Models Before the 1570s: The Curious Case of Lutheran Astronomer George Joachim Rheticus
Nienke W.J. Roelants

The Perichoresis of Light
David Grandy & Marc-Charles Ingerson

The Temptation of Lot's Wife: How Far Theology Departs from Science
Eduardo R. Cruz

Imago Dei and Simulatio or Imitatio Dei: A Philosophical Essay on Empathy
Anne L.C. Runehov

Declaring War on the Conflict Thesis: A Review Essay
Stephen D. Snobelen

Book Reviews

God and the World of Signs: Trinity, Evolution and the Metaphysical Semiotics of C.S. Peirce by Andrew Robinson. Reviewed by Nicola Hoggard Creegan

Religion and Science in Context: A Guide to the Debates by Willem B. Drees. Reviewed by Andrew Porter

Keeping God's Earth: The Global Environment in Biblical Perspective, eds. Noah J. Toly and Daniel I. Block. Reviewed by Austin Leininger

Religion and the New Atheism: A Critical Appraisal, ed. Amarnath Amarasingam. Reviewed by Benjamin B. DeVan


Volume 10 Number 3/ August 2012


Stem Cells, Aging, and the Fountain of Youth
Ted Peters


Christian Mysticism and Science: The Epistemological Dimension
Normand M. Laurendeau

Sanctity and Science: The Mysticism of Theologically Engaging Science
Heidi Ann Russell

The Perichoresis of Light
David Grandy & Marc-Charles Ingerson

Polkinghorne and Cartwright on Pluralism and Metaphysic
Eric Martin

Teleology and Theology: The Cognitive Science of Teleology and the Aristotelian Virtues of Techne and Wisdom
Brian Patrick Green

Challenges for Christianity and Barriers to Dialogue in World Religions
Carl Peterson

Book Reviews

Religion in Human Evolution: From the Paleolithic to the Axial Age by Robert Bellah
Reviewed by Alan Weissenbacher

Biological Evolution: Facts and Theories. A Critical Appraisal 150 Years After The Origin of Species by G. Auletta, M. Leclerc, and R.A. Martínez, eds.
Reviewed by John M. Braverman


Volume 10 Number 2/ May 2012


The War that Never Was: Exploding the Myth of the Historical Conflict Between Christianity and Science
Joshua Moritz


Respect and Promote the Community of Life with Justice and Wisdom
Roger A. Willer

Theological Anthropology, Philosophical Anthropology, and the Human Sciences
Owen C. Thomas

Transhumanism or Ultrahumanism? Teilhard de Chardin on Technology, Religion and Evolution
Ilia Delio

Religion and Science as Inclinations toward the Search for Global Meaning
Giuseppe Tanzella‐Nitti

Raymund Schwager: Integrating the Fall and Original Sin with Evolutionary Theory
Jonathan Chappell

Dawkins in Wisdom's Garden: Scientific Naturalism in The God Delusion
Jason N. Blum

Book Reviews

The Evolution of Adam: What the Bible does and doesn't say about human origins by Peter Enns
Reviewed by Jonathan Jong

Living With Other Creatures: Green Exegesis and Theology by Richard Bauckham
Reviewed by Marilyn Matevia


Volume 10 Number 1/ February 2012


Why Didn't Jesus Come?
Ted Peters


Early Twentieth-Century Buddhist Microbiology and Shifts in Chinese Buddhism’s “Actual Canon”
Erik Hammerstrom

Ambiguity, the Trinity, and Naturalism: From the Methodology of Pannenberg to the Phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty
Johanne Stubbe Teglbjaerg

The Presumption and Insight of New Atheism
Andrew Linscott

Dialogue: Scientific Vetoes and the Hands-Off God

Scientific Vetoes and the Hands-Off God: Can We Say that God Acts in History?
Thomas Tracy

Emergence and Evidentialism: A Consideration of Thomas Tracy’s Special Divine Action and Theodicy
Adam Pryor

Scientific Vetoes and the Hands-Off God: Divine Immanence, Quantum Mechanics, and the Search for a Better Way
Michael J. Dodds O.P.

Toward a Comprehensive Theology of Divine Action
Junghyung Kim

Eschatological Hope: A Grateful Response to Tom Tracy
Robert John Russell

Book Review

SuperCooperators: Altrusim, Evolution, and Why We Need Each Other to Succeed by Martin A. Nowak and Roger Highfield
Reviewed by Gregory R. Peterson


Volume 9 Number 4/ November 2011


The Search for Adam Revisited: Evolution, Biblical Literalism, and the Question of Human Uniqueness
Joshua M. Moritz


How Nature and Beauty Can Bring Scientists and Theologians Together
Gregory S. Cootsona

After Lakatos
Josh Reeves

Moral Instincts and the Problem with Reductionism: A Critical Look at the Work of Marc Hauser
Joseph Bankard

The Human Body as Corpus Absconditum
Antje Jackelén

Gender: Genetics, Genitality, Generosity (grace), Gentility
Robert Roger Lebel

Book Symposium: Sacred Cells? Why Christians Should Support Stem Cell Research

A Response to Sacred Cells?
Robert Roger Lebel

A Response to Sacred Cells?
Richard M. Gula, S.S.

A Response to Sacred Cells?
Ronald Cole-Turner

A Response to Sacred Cells?
Lisa Fullam

Sacred Cells? Response to the Respondents
Gaymon Bennett, Karen Lebacqz, and Ted Peters

Book Review

Technology and Religion: Remaining Human in a Co-created World by Noreen Herzfeld
Reviewed by John Slattery


Volume 9 Number 3 /August 2011

John Paul II on Science and Religion: A Deeply Appreciative Reflection
Robert John Russell

Celestial Aesthetics: Over our Heads and/or in our Heads
Holmes Rolston, III

 Toward a Cosmic Christology: A Kergymatic Proposal
H. Paul Santmire

Evolution, the End of Human Uniqueness, and the Election of the Imago Dei
Joshua M. Moritz

An Eastern Orthodox Theological Basis for Interplanetary Environmental Ethics
Vladimir V. M. Tobin and A. Randall Olson

 Book Review
The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values by Sam Harris
Reviewed by Brian Green


Volume 9 Number 2 /May 2011

Are We Getting Closer to ET?
Ted Peters

Genetics, Faith, and Responsibility
Per Anderson

Genetics and Religion: Prospects for Dialogue
V. Elving Anderson

Sequencing the Human Genome: Gateway to Personalized Medicine or the New Eugenics?
William S. Oetting

 Finding a Locus for Dialogue between Genetics and Theology
Bruce R. Reichenbach

A Geneticist Responds
William S. Oetting

The Behavioral Genetics of Religiousness
Laura B. Koenig and Matt McGue

The Religion of Genetics in Epistemology and Ethics
James C. Peterson

The Last Shall Be First: Human Potential in Genetic and Theological Perspectives
M. Therese Lysaught

 Book Symposium

Cosmology—from Alpha to Omega: The Creative Mutual Interaction of Theology and Science, by Robert John Russell

“Omega” in Cosmology and Eschatology
Philip Clayton

Divine Action, Resurrection, and the Transformation of the Universe
Denis Edwards

From MCI to NIODA and FINLON: An Appreciative Response to Robert John Russell’s opus
Niels Henrik Gregersen

Theodicy and Eschatology in Cosmology—from Alpha to Omega
Christopher Southgate

Special Divine Action and the Problem of Evil in Cosmology—from Alpha to Omega
Thomas F. Tracy

Cosmology—from Alpha to Omega: Key Themes and Critiques
Keith Ward

An Appreciative Response to my Reviewers
Robert J. Russell


Volume 9 Number 1 /February 2011

Theology and Mathematics: What is to Come
James Bradley

Theology and Mathematics—Key Themes and Central Historical Figures
James Bradley

Theism and Mathematics
Alvin Plantinga

The German Reformation and the Mathematization of the Created World
Charlotte Methuen

Kepler’s Trinitarian Cosmology
Owen Gingerich

God, Truth, and Mathematics in Nineteenth Century England
Joan L. Richards

Truth and Proof in Mathematics and (Philosophical) Theology
Wolfgang Achtner

Infinity in Mathematics and Theology  
Christian Tapp

 Theology and the actual infinite: Burley and Cantor
Stewart Shapiro

 The Divine Truth of Mathematics and the Origins of Linear Algebra
Albert C. Lewis

How Gödel relates Platonism to Mathematics
Xing Taotao

The Scope and Limitations of Algebras: Some Historical and Philosophical Consideration
Ivor Grattan-Guinness

 Mathematics and Mysticism, Name Worshipping, Then and Now
Jean-Michel Kantor

 The Power of Names
Loren Graham

 Book Review
Islam, Science and the Challenge of History, by Ahmad Dallal
R. Daren Erisman


Volume 8 Number 4 /November 2010

STARS: Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series—Completing the Grant, Continuing the Research
Robert John Russell

Theologians wanted! Some Reflections about the Creation/Evolution Debate, by
Jacques Arnould

Cosmic Commons: Contact and Community
John Hart

Critical Realism – A Sustainable Bridge between Science and Religion?
Andreas Losch

The Darwin-Gray Exchange
Bethany Sollereder

Book Reviews
Nature and Scripture in the Abrahamic Religions: Up to 1700, edited by Jitse M. van der Meer and Scott Mandelbrote
Denis O. Lamoureux

Defining Love: A Philosophical, Scientific, and Theological Engagement by Thomas Jay Oord
William Schwartz


Volume 8 Number 3 /August 2010

ET: An Alien Enemy or Celestial Savior?, by Ted Peters

John Polkinghorne on Three Scientist-Theologians, by Ian G. Barbour

Incarnation and Semiotics: A Theological and Anthropological Hypothesis
 Part 1:  Incarnation and Peirce’s Taxonomy of Signs, by Christopher Southgate and Andrew J. Robinson

Incarnation and Semiotics: A Theological and Anthropological Hypothesis
Part II: Semiotics, Anthropology and Religious Transformation, by Christopher Southgate and Andrew J. Robinson

Religious Symbolism at the Limits of Human Engagement, by F. LeRon Shults

Feeling Our Way Forward: Continuity and Discontinuity Within the Cosmic Process, by Joseph A. Bracken

Book Reviews

A Review Conversation: Willem B. Drees and Alister E. McGrath
Religion and Science in Context: A Guide to the Debates by Willem B. Drees
reviewed by Alister E. McGrath (with response by Drees)

Science and Religion: A New Introduction by Alister E. McGrath
reviewed by Willem B. Drees (with response by McGrath)

Emergent Freedom: Naturalizing Free Will by James Haag (reviewed by Josh Reeves)


Volume 8 Number 2 /May 2010

Detecting ET and the Implications for Life on Earth, by Ted Peters
Science Fiction, ET, and the Theological Cosmology of Avatar, by Joshua M. Moritz

Ripostes and Responses
Science, Religion, and Evolution by Natural Selection: A Response to Francisco J. Ayala, by Jack Maze and Cyril V. Finnegan

The Rationality of Ultimate Concern: Moral Exemplars, Theological Ethics, and the Science of Moral Cognition, by
Gregory R. Peterson, Michael Spezio, James A. Van Slyke, Kevin Reimer, and Warren Brown

Reduction and the Cognitive Science of Religion: Problems and Prospects for Future Exploration, by James A. Van Slyke

Divine Omniscience: Is God’s Foreknowledge At Risk in the Context of Contemporary Science?, byChristopher Yeung

The Atheist Surge: Faith in Science, Secularism, and Atheism, by Owen C. Thomas

Combating the Fifth Wave of Creationism: Religious Leaders and Scientists Working Together, by Michael Zimmerman

Intelligent Design: It’s Just Too Good to Be True, by Chris Doran

Book Reviews

Truth and Tension in Science and Religion by Varadaraja V. Raman (reviewed by Stacey E. Ake)

Thank God for Evolution: How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World by Michael Dowd
(reviewed by Adam Pryor)


Volume 8 Number 1 / February 2010

A New View on Evolution and Catholic Faith: Report from the 2009 Conference at the Gregorian University, by Robert J. Russell
Highlights of the Pontifical Gregorian University's International Conference on Biological Evolution, by Gennaro Auletta and William R. Stoeger, S.J.

Ripostes and Responses
Explaining and Explaining Away Religious Belief: Van Till's Criticisms of Barrett, by Jeffrey P. Schloss and Michael J. Murray

2009 William Witherspoon Lecture
Mystery, Values and Meaning: Religious Options that Respect Science, by Willem B. Drees

The Nature of Light: Perspectives from Theology and Science, by Fraser Watts
The ETI Myth: Idolatrous Fantasy or Creditable Inference?, by Albert A. Harrison
Two Examples of How the History of Mathematics Can Inform Theology, by Carlos R. Bovell
Between a Just and a Knowing Faith: The Dialectic of Negative Theology, by Andrew Padgett
Remembering William G. Pollard, by Lawrence W. Fagg

Book Reviews

Introduction to A Review Conversation

Eco-Theology by Celia Deane-Drummond (reviewed by Sallie McFague)
Response to Sallie McFague's Review of Eco-Theology (by Celia Deane-Drummond)
A New Climate for Theology by Sallie McFague (reviewed by Celia Deane-Drummond)
Response to Celia Deane-Drummond's Review of A New Climate for Theology (by Sallie McFague)

Ritualizing Nature: Renewing Christian Liturgy in a Time of Crisis by H. Paul Santmire (reviewed by Kyle K. Schiefelbein)


Volume 7 Number 4 / November 2009

Does Faith Contaminate Science? On the Appointment of Francis Collins, by Ted Peters
"Of Mice and Men": Making Babies from Stem Cells, by Ted Peters
New Book Review Features, by Oliver Putz

Evolution and Providence: A Response to Thomas Tracy, by John C. Polkinghorne
Evolution by Natural Selection: Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion, by Francisco J. Ayala
From Atheism to Theodicy to Intelligent Design: Responding to the Work of Francisco J. Ayala, by Chris Doran
Love Actually: A Theodicy Response to Suffering in Nature. In Dialogue with Francisco Ayala, by Oliver Putz
Rendering unto Science and God: Is NOMA Enough?, by Joshua M. Moritz
Evolution Beyond Biology: Comments and Responses, by Francisco J. Ayala
The Causality Distinction, Kenosis, and a Middle Way: Aquinas and Polkinghorne on Divine Action, by Craig A. Boyd and Aaron D. Cobb
Perfecting not Perfect: Christology and Pneumatology within an Imperfect Yet Purposeful Creation, by Graham O'Brien

Book Reviews
The Human Phenomenon by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (reviewed by John F. Haught)
The Deep Structure of Biology: Is Convergence Sufficiently Ubiquitous to Give a Directional Signal? by Simon Conway Morris, ed. (reviewed by Kenneth R. Miller)
Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for America's Soul by Kenneth R. Miller (reviewed by W. Malcolm Byrnes)
Das Saugetier von Gottes Gnaden: Evolution, Bewusstsein, Freiheit by Ulrich Luke (reviewed by Oliver Putz)


Volume 7 Number 3 / August 2009

Doubt, Deception, and Dogma: Science and Religion in Film, by Joshua M. Moritz

Prolepsis and the Physics of Retrocausality, by George L. Murphy
Progress with Science and Religion Issues: Critical Questions and Suggestions, by Karl Helmut Reich
Applying Relational and Contextual Reasoning (RCR) to Understand Human-Divine Relationships, by Maureen H. Miner
A Mathematical Model of Divine Infinity, by Eric C. Steinhart
Thomas Torrance: "Retreat to Commitment" or a New Place for Natural Theology?, by Rodney D. Holder

Book Reviews
Confessions of an Alien Hunter: a Scientist's Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence by Seth Shostak (reviewed by Ted Peters)
Original Selfishness: Original Sin and Evil in the Light of Evolution by Darryl P. Domning and Monica K. Hellwig (reviewed by Joshua M. Moritz)


Volume 7 Number 2 / May 2009

Where’s “Nature” in “Natural Law”?, by Ted Peters
Interiority and Purpose: Emerging Points of Contact for Theology and the Neurosciences, by Michael L. Spezio

The Spirit at Work in the World: A Pentecostal-Charismatic Perspective on the Divine Action Project, by Amos Yong
Hylomorphism and Human Wholeness: Perspectives on the Mind-Brain Problem, by Michael J. Dodds OP
Neurotheology: What Can We Expect from a (Future) Catholic Version?, by Wilfried Apfalter
Cotton Mather’s Scientific Method for Prayer, by George Faithful
Emergence and “Science of Ethos”: Toward a Tillichian Ethical Framework, by Nimi Wariboko


Volume 7 Number 1 / February 2009

CTNS Publications in 2008, by Nathan Hallanger

Astrotheology and the ETI Myth, by Ted Peters
Metaphysics and Natural Science, by Owen Thomas
Resonance:  Hearing the Christian Mystics Through Metaphors Drawn From Physics, by Susan D'Amato
Entropy, The Fall, and Tillich: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Original Sin, by David Bradnick
On the Origins of Critical Realism, by Andreas Losch

Book Reviews
Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution by Denis O. Lamoureux (reviewed by Jack Maze)
God and the New Atheism: A Critical Response to Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens by John F. Haught (reviewed by Derek R. Nelson)
Ecospirit: Religions and Philosophies for the Earth by Laurel Kearns and Catherine Keller, eds. (reviewed by Chris Doran)


Volume 6 Number 4 / November 2008

CTNS Honors the Life of Sir John Templeton: A Unique and Outstanding Philanthropist Supporting Science and Religion, by Robert J. Russell
Physical Pointers to God’s Omnipresence: Do Immanence and Transcendence Coalesce?, by Lawrence W. Fagg

What Is ‘Intervention’?, by Alvin Plantinga
The Field of Science and Religion as Natural Philosophy, by Josh A. Reeves
An Eastern Orthodox Perspective on Microbial Life on Mars, by A. Randall Olson and Vladimir V. M. Tobin
Does Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life Threaten Religion and Philosophy?, by Jacques Arnould


Volume 6 Number 3 / August 2008

Religion, the Royal Society, and the Rise of Science, by Peter Harrison
Variety in Mysticism and Parallels with Science, by Varadaraja V. Raman
What Theology Can Do for Science, by Antje Jackelén
The Fallen Cosmos: An Aspect of Eastern Christian Thought and Its Relevance to the Dialogue Between Science and Theology, by Christopher C. Knight
Science Instruction in the Context of Christian Faith, by Brock C. Schroeder
Anticipation in Spirit and Nature: John Haught’s Use of the Ontological Argument, by Michael Raschko
How Firm a Foundation? A Response to Justin L. Barrett’s 'Is the Spell Really Broken?’, by Howard J. Van Till

Book Reviews
Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in an Age of Science by Paul Ingram(reviewed by John B. Cobb)
Hidden Dimensions: The Unification of Physics and Consciousness by B. Alan Wallace (reviewed by Paul O. Ingram)
Preaching Eugenics: Religious Leaders and the American Eugenics Movement by Christine Rosen (reviewed by Nathan J. Hallanger)


Volume 6 Number 2 / June 2008

Launching the Ian G. Barbour Lectureship in Religion and Modernity, by Robert John Russell
CTNS Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series Update, by Nathan J. Hallanger

Francisco Ayala's Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion: Critiques & Response
Ayala's Gift to Science and Religion, by Michael Zimmerman
Searching for Meaning in a Pointless World, by Susan Blackmore
Science and Religion: A Fundamental Face-Off or Is There A Tertium Quid?, by Joshua M. Moritz
Can a Scientific Theory Ameliorate a Theological Difficulty?, by Michael J. Behe
An Easy Solution, by Walter R. Hearn
Ayala's Potemkin Village, by William A. Dembski
An Evolutionist Thinks About Religion, by Michael Ruse
In Praise of Imperfection, by John F. Haught
Darwin's Gift to Science and Religion: Commentaries and Responses, by Francisco J. Ayala

The Import of Physical Cosmology for Philosophical Cosmology, by Wesley J. Wildman
Modern Science and the Interpretation of Genesis: Can We Learn from Dietrich Bonhoeffer?, by Rodney D. Holder
Dialogue in Our Cosmic Aloneness, by Lawrence W. Fagg
Does Darwin's Theory Deserve Theological Support, and Does Evolution Need Darwin's Theory?, by Jack Maze and Cyril V. Finnegan


Volume 6 Number 1 / February 2008

Theology and Science Update, by James W. Haag
CTNS, Theology and Science, and the Graduate Theological Union, by Nathan J. Hallanger
Muslims, Christians, Stem Cells, and Neighbor Love, by Ted Peters
Completing the Bridge: The CTNS Logo, by Robert John Russell

Shadow Sophia in Christological Perspective: The Evolution of Sin and the Redemption of Nature, by Celia Deane-Drummond
Freedom and Morality in Nonhuman Animals: Comparative Difficulties, by James W. Haag
Response to ‘Shadow Sophia in Christological Perspective: The Evolution of Sin and the Redemption of Nature’, by Nathan J. Hallanger
Reflections on Evolutionary Theodicy: A Response to ‘Shadow Sophia in Christological Perspective’, by William O'Neill, S.J.
Can We Hope for the Redemption of Nature?: A Grateful Response to Celia Deane-Drummond, by Robert John Russell
Shadow Sophia in Christological Perspective: A Reply to Responses, by Celia Deane-Drummond

Humanity’s Place in Nature, 1863-1928: Horror, Curiosity and the Expeditions of Huxley, Wallace, Blavatsky and Lovecraft, by Abel Alves
Forms of Transcendence in Science and in Religion, by Ladislav Kvasz
Evolutionary Theologies, by Thomas F. Tracy

Book Review
Monkey Trials and Gorilla Sermons by Peter Bowler (reviewed by Ted Peters)


Volume 5  Number 3 / November 2007

Evil Revisited: A Physicist’s Perspective, by Lawrence W. Fagg

A New Member of the Family?: The Continuum of Being, Artificial Intelligence, and the Image of God, by Noreen Herzfeld
Christ and Extraterrestrial Life, by Ilia Delio, O.S.F.
Science, Philosophy, and Religion Today: Some Reflections, by Gennaro Auletta
The Creative Suffering of the Triune God: An Evolutionary Panentheistic Paradigm, by Gloria L. Schaab
Bridging Math and Theology: Constructing a Set Theoretic Model of the Processions and Relations in the Trinity, by Charles M. Vaughn

Book Reviews
Re-emergence of Emergence by Philip Clayton and Paul Davies, eds. (reviewed by James Haag)
Mind and Emergence by Philip Clayton (reviewed by James Marcum)
God in the Machine by Anne Foerst (reviewed by Josh Reeves)


Volume 5, Number 2 / July 2007

Is it the Lure of Ethical Laxity that Woos Stem Cell Scientists to Singapore?, by Ted Peters

Endless Forms Most Beautiful, by Alex García-Rivera
Evolution: Life in the Context of the Energies of God, by Philip Hefner
A Critical View of ‘Theistic Evolution’, by Antje Jackelén
Defining ‘Spirit’: An Encounter Between Naturalists and Trans-Naturalists, by Charles G. Conway
God and the Evangelical Laboratory: Recent Conservative Protestant Thinking about Theology and Science, by Amos Yong
Social and Ideological Roots of ‘Science & Religion’: A Social-Historical Exploration of a Recent Phenomenon, by Taede A. Smedes

Book Reviews
Why We Believe What We Believe by Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman (reviewed by Jeffrey Wattles)
The Ethical Brain by Michael S. Gazzaniga (reviewed by Mark Graves)
The Beginning of All Things: Science and Religion by Hans Küng (reviewed by Ted Peters)


Volume 5, Number 1 / March 2007

In Memoriam: Arthur Peacocke (1924 – 2006), by Philip Clayton
Arthur Peacocke in memoriam (1924-2006), by Niels Henrik Gregersen
Arthur Peacocke: A Compleat Man, by Philip Hefner
Arthur Peacocke, by Nancey Murphy and William R. Stoeger, S.J.
Tribute to Arthur Peacocke, by Ann Milliken Pederson
Ringing the Changes: In tribute to Arthur R. Peacocke, by Robert John Russell

Re-thinking Necessity (al-Darūra) in al-Ghazālī’s Understanding of Physical Causation, by Carol L. Bargeron
The Conflict Over Creation from a Medieval Point of View, by J.A. Sheppard
Of Particles and Fields, by Joseph A. Bracken, S.J.
Is the Spell Really Broken?: Bio-psychological Explanations of Religion and Theistic Belief, by Justin L. Barrett
Matter, Mathematics and God, by John Byl
The Myth of a Purely Rational Life, by George Ellis
The Intelligent Design Tradition: A Response to Robert John Russell, by Hans Schwarz

Book Reviews
Why Religion Matters: The Fate of the Human Spirit in an Age of Disbelief by Huston Smith (reviewed by Richard Payne)


Volume 4, Number 3 / November 2006

Hormone-Receptors and Complexity: Putting to Rest Another God of the Gaps?, by Oliver Putz

Divine Action, Compatibilism and Coherence Theory: A Reply to Russell, Clayton, and Murphy, by Niels Henrik Gregersen

Spiritual Robots: Religion and Our Scientific View of the Natural World, by Robert M. Geraci
The Return of Chimera, by Ted Peters
The Best of Possible Worlds: A Testable Claim of Choice, by William Lake
Honesty about God: Theological Reflections on Violence in an Evolutionary Universe, by Charlene P. E. Burns

Boyle Lectures 2006
The Emergence of Spirit: From Complexity to Anthropology to Theology, by Philip Clayton
Emergence in Theological Perspective: A Corollary to Professor Clayton’s Boyle Lecture, by Niels Henrik Gregersen

Book Reviews
How to Relate Science and Religion: A Multidimensional Model by Mikael Stenmark (reviewed by Kirk Wegter-McNelly)
Theology And Modern Physics by Peter E. Hodgson (reviewed by Chris Corbally)
Christianity and Process Thought: Spirituality for a Changing World by Joseph Bracken (reviewed by Whitney Bauman)


Volume 4, Number 2 / July 2006

FINLON Down Under, by Ted Peters

Niels Henrik Gregersen's Contribution to Theology-and-Science Methodology, by Nancey Murphy
Biology, Directionality, and God: Getting Clear on the Stakes for Religion-Science Discussion, by Philip Clayton
An Appreciative Response to Niels Henrik Gregersen's JKR Research Conference Lecture, by Robert John Russell

Quantum Perichoresis: Quantum Field Theory and the Trinity, by Ernest L. Simmons
Subjectivist—Observing and Objective—Participant Perspectives on the World, by Roger Paul
Why Darwin's Theory of Evolution Deserves Theological Support, by Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett
Bridging Science and Religion in China, by Kang Phee Seng
A Critical Response to Cardinal Schönborn's Concern Over Evolution, by Robert John Russell

Book Reviews
Deeper than Darwin by John Haught (reviewed by David Brewer)
Time and Eternity by Antje Jackelén (reviewed by Lawrence W. Fagg)
Creation by Hans Schwarz (reviewed by Derek Nelson)
The Significance of Complexity by Kees van Kooten Niekerk and Hans Buhl, eds. (reviewed by Amos Yong)


Volume 4, Number 1 / March 2006

Who Sets the Evolution Agenda?, by Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett

The Complexification of Nature: Supplementing the Neo-Darwinian Paradigm?, by Niels Henrik Gregersen
Mathematics and Theology: A Stroll through the Garden of Mathaphors, by Sarah Voss
The Action of God in the World - A Synthesis of Process Thought in Science and Theology, by Ross L. Stein
Newton’s Secularized Onto-theology /versus/ Descartes’ and Leibniz’, Or on the Importance of Unifying Tendencies in the Secularization-process, by Steffen Ducheyne
The Barbour­-Smith­-Gilkey Paradox: Historical Relativity in Natural Science and Historical Religion, by Andrew P. Porter

Book Reviews
The Church and Galileo by Ernan McMullin, ed. (reviewed by John Hedley Brooke)
Evolution vs. Creationism by Eugenie Scott (reviewed by Chris Doran)
Science and the Trinity by John Polkinghorne (reviewed by Tom Martin)
In the Beginning...Creativity by Gordon D. Kaufman (reviewed by Rosemary Radford Ruether)
How to Relate Science and Religion by Mikael Stenmark (reviewed by Kirk Wegter Mc-Nelly)
Environmental Ethics, Ecological Theology, and Natural Selection by Lisa Sideris (reviewed by Greg Zuschlag)

Volume 3, Number 3 / November 2005

Theology and Science, by Fraser Watts
Scientific Reductionism and Holism: Two Sides of the Perception of Reality, by V. V. Raman

A Religiously Partisan Science? Responses to Golshani and Stenmark, by Alan H. Batten

Cultural Psychology and Theology: Partners in Dialogue, by Peter Hampson
Our World is more than Physics: A Constructive–Critical Comment on the Current Science and Theology Debate, by Andreas Losch
Animals, Humans and X-Men: Human Uniqueness and the Meaning of Personhood, by Christopher L. Fisher
Discerning the 'Spirit(s)' in the Natural World: Toward a Typology of Spirit in the Religion and Science Conversation, by Amos Yong
A Green Augustine: On Learning to Love Nature Well, by Arthur O. Ledoux

Book Reviews
From Complexity to Life: On the Emergence of Life and Meaning by Niels Henrik Gregersen, ed. (reviewed by Joseph A. Bracken, S.J.)
Darwin's Cathedral by David Sloan Wilson (reviewed by John J. Carvalho IV)
Science and the Study of God: A Mutuality Model for Theology and Science by Alan G. Padgett (reveiwed by Ernest L. Simmons)
Evolution From Creation to New Creation: Conflict, Conversation, and Convergence by Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett (reviewed by Thomas F. Tracy)
The Sacred Cosmos: Christian Faith and the Challenge of Naturlism by Terence L. Nichols (reviewed by Patricia A. Williams)

Volume 3, Number 2 / July 2005

Intelligent Design is Not Science and Does Not Qualify to be Taught in Public School Science Classes, by Robert J. Russell

The Fifth R: Jesus as Evolutionary Psychologist, by Patricia Williams
A Response to Patricia A. Williams, The Fifth R: Jesus as Evolutionary Psychologist, by Richard Carlson and Jason Hine
Was Jesus an Evolutionary Psychologist? A Response to Patricia Williams, by Joshua M. Moritz
Jesus and Evolutionary Psychology, Two Agendas, by Howard J. Van Till
Counter-response on 'The Fifth R: Jesus as Evolutionary Psychologist', by Patricia Williams

Evolution and Process Thought, by Ian G. Barbour
Debating the Theological Implications of New Technologies, by Ian Barns
Capable of God: Evolution and New Creation, by Sarah Lancaster
Christology in the Meeting Between Science and Religion: A Tribute to Ian Barbour, by Denis Edwards
Langdon Gilkey: In Memoriam, by Ted Peters

Book Reviews
Participating In God by Samuel M. Powell (reviewed by Duane H. Larson)
In Whom We Live And Move And Have Our Being by Philip Clayton and Arthur Peacocke, eds. (reviewed by John B. Cobb)
Fifty Years In Science And Religion: Ian G. Barbour and his Legacy by Robert John Russell, ed. (reviewed by Owen Thomas)
The Teleological Argument And Modern Science by Neil A. Manson, ed. (reviewed by Howard Van Till)

Volume 3, Number 1 / March 2005

Natural Theolgoy versus Theology of Nature, by Ted Peters
Religions in a Secular World, by V.V. Raman
Religion and Science at the Parliament of the World's Religions, by Philip Hefner
Peacemaking in the Stem Cell Wars, by Ted Peters
Editorial Corrections

A Reply to My Respondents on “The Divine Action Project', by Wesley Wildman
A Counter-Response to Nancey Murphy on Nonreductive Physicalism, by Derek Jeffreys

Science as a Paradigm for Halakhic Thought: An Introduction to the Theology of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, by Carl Feit
A Religiously Partisan Science? Islamic and Christian Perspectives, by Mikael Stenmark
Response by Medhi Golshani
Counter-Response by Mikael Stenmark
Consciousness and Science: An Advaita-Vedantic Perspective on the Theology-Science Dialogue, by Bharath Sriraman and Walter Benesch
Karl Barth and God in Creation: Toward an Interfaith Dialogue with Science and Religion, by Paul Chung

Review Essay
The Structure of Evolutionary Theory : on Stephen Jay Gould's Monumental Masterpiece, by Francisco J. Ayala

Book Reviews
Adam, Eve, and the Genome: The Human Genome Project and Theology by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, ed. (reviewed by Margaret McLean)
Theology and Psychology by Fraser Watts (reviewed by Kelly Bulkeley)
The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross. by George L. Murphy (reviewed by Beverly J. Stratton)
Is Nature Ever Evil? — Religion, Science and Value by Willem B. Drees, ed. (reviewed by Mark Richardson)
Science and Wisdom by Jürgen Moltmann (reviewed by Whitney Bauman)

Volume 2, Number 2 / October 2004

Theology and Science Update, by Whitney Bauman

Response to Griffin's 'Scientific Naturalism', by F. LeRon Shults
Is Naturalistic Christianity the Way to Go? A Response to David Ray Griffin, by Howard J. Van Till
Comments on the Responses by Van Till and Shults, by David Ray Griffin

Wildman's Kantian Skepticism: A Rubicon for the Divine Action Debate, by Philip Clayton
Response to Wesley Wildman's 'The Divine Action Project', by John Polkinghorne
The Divine Action Project: Reflections on the Compatibilism/Incompatibilism Divide, by William R. Stoeger, S.J.
Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action? Mapping the Options, by Thomas Tracy

A Response to 'On the Assumption of Design', by Howard Taylor
Counter-response, by Patrick Frank

The Soul is Alive and Well: Nonreductive Physicalism and Emergent Mental Properties, by Derek Jeffreys
Response to Derek Jeffreys, by Nancey Murphy
Ecosystem Dynamics: A Natural Middle for Science and Theology, by Robert Ulanowicz
Al-Ghazali's Use of the Terms 'Necessity' and 'Habit' in his Theory of Natural Causality, by Sobhi Rayan

Book Reviews
Re-Ordering Nature: Theology, Society and the New Genetics by Celia Deane-Drummond and Bronislaw Szerszynski (with Robin Grove-White) eds. (reviewed by Antje Jackelen)
Freedom Evolves by Daniel Dennett (reviewed by Greg Peterson)

Volume 2, Number 1 / April 2004

Editorial Aims of Theology and Science
Problems in Contemporary Christian Theology, by Arthur Peacocke
The Origins of Violence, by Ted Peters
Tributes to Ian Barbour, by Robert John Russell

Scientific Naturalism: A Great Truth That Got Distorted, by David Ray Griffin
The Divine Action Project, 1988-2003, by Wesley J. Wildman
A New Look at Time and Eternity, by Joseph Bracken
Natural Character: Psychological Realism for the Downwardly Mobile, by Kevin Reimer
On the Assumption of Design, by Patrick Frank
The Influence of Platonism on Mathematics Research and Theological Beliefs, by Bharath Sriraman

Book Reviews
Technology and Human Becoming by Philip Hefner (reveiwed by Ann Pederson)
Darwin and Design: Does Evolution Have a Purpose? by Michael Ruse (reviewed by Marty Hewlett)
The Quantum and the Lotus: A Journey to the Frontiers Where Science and Buddhism Meet by Matthieu Ricard and Trinh Xuan Thuan (reviewed by Victor Mansfield)
Buddhism and Science: Breaking New Ground by B. Alan Wallace, ed. (reviewed by Richard Payne)
Theologie im technologischen Zeitalter. Das Werk Ian Barbours als Beitrag zur Verhältnisbestimmung von Theologie zu Naturwissenschaft und Technik by Christian Berg (reviewed by Hubert Meisinger)
Science, Theology, and Ethics. by Ted Peters (reviewed by Nathan Hallanger)
A Devil's Chaplain: Reflections on Hope, Lies, Science, and Love by Richard Dawkins and Latha Menon, eds. (reviewed by Tom Hamilton)

Volume 1, Number 2 / October 2003


Congratulations, Antje and Phil!, by Lou Ann Trost
The Ecumenical Spirit of Science-and-Religion by Antje Jackelén
SARS and Superstition, by Frank Budenholzer, SVD
Praying for Future Cures, by Ted Peters
Embryos from Stem Cells?, by Ted Peters

Five Attitudes Toward Nature and Technology from a Christian Perspective, by Robert John Russell
Fallen Angels or Rising Beasts? Theological Perspectives on Human Uniqueness, by Wentzel J. Van Huyssteen
The Importance of Being Chimpanzee, by Nancy R. Howell
Bad Science, Good Ethics, by Karen Lebacqz
Exploring the Rational Boundaries Between the Natural Sciences and Christian Theology, by James A. Marcum
Naturalism, Naturalism by Other Means, and Alternatives to Naturalism, by Andrew P. Porter

Book Reviews
" Five Studies in Ethics and Gene Technology" (reviewed by Ulf Gorman)
Becoming Immortal: Combining Cloning and Stem-Cell Therapy by Stanley Shostak
Human Genome Research and the Challenge of Contingent Future Persons by Jan Christian Heller
Genetic Engineering: Science and Ethics on the New Frontier by Michael Boylan and Kevin E. Brown
Genetic Turning Points. The Ethics of Human Genetic Intervention by James C. Peterson
Biology and Theology Today: Exploring the Boundaries by Celia Deane-Drummond

Minding God: Theology and the Cognitive Sciences by Gregory R. Peterson (reviewed by Michael L. Spezio)
In Our Image: Artificial Intelligence and the Human Spirit by Noreen L. Herzfeld (reviewed by George L. Murphy)
Resurrection: Theological and Scientific Assessments by Ted Peters, Robert John Russell, and Michael Welker, eds (reviewed by Marty Miller Maddox)
Nature, Human Nature, and God by Ian G. Barbour (reveiwed by Christian Berg)
Playing God?: Genetic Determinism and Human Freedom, Second Edition by Ted Peters (reviewed by Greg Cootsona)

Volume 1, Number 1 / April 2003

Bridging Theology and Science: The CTNS Logo, by Robert John Russell
Truth in Editing, by Ted F. Peters

Intelligent Design: The Original Version, by Francisco J. Ayala
Physics and Metaphysics in a Trinitarian Perspective, by Sir John Polkinghorne
Embryonic Persons in the Cloning and Stem Cell Debates, by Ted F. Peters
On The Role Of Philosophy In Theology-Science Dialogue, by Nancey Murphy
Theology and Science: Engaging the Richness of Experience, by Philip Hefner
Religion and Science: Without Symmetry, Plausibility, and Harmony, by Willem B. Drees

Book Reviews
Biology and Christian Ethics by Stephen R.L. Clark (reviewed by Celia Deane-Drummond)
Competing Truths: Theology and Science as Sibling Rivals by Richard J. Coleman (reviewed by H. Paul Santmire)
Things A Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About by Donald E. Knuth (reviewed by Noreen Herzfeld)
Dancing with the Sacred: Evolution, Ecology, and God by Karl E. Peters (reviewed by Jerome Stone)
God, Life, and the Cosmos: Christian and Islamic Perspectives by Ted Peters, Muzaffar Iqbal, and Syed Nomanul Haq, eds. (reviewed by Joshua M. Moritz)

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