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The Science and Religion Course Program was an eight-year initiative to encourage the teaching of science and religion in seminaries, colleges, and universities worldwide. For the final four years from 1998-2002, CTNS administered and broadened the previous program in a variety of ways, and focused principally on three aims: (1) to strengthen the base of scholars currently teaching in this field, (2) to broaden the impact of science and religion on leading research universities and theological seminaries, and (3) to further internationalize dialogue by introducing and cultivating programmatic work in Africa, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, continental Europe, and Latin America.

As part of the four-year Science and Religion Course Program that CTNS managed, we are pleased to announce that the numerous translations of Bridging Science and Religion designed to be used as text books in secondary courses around the world, are now nearly complete.

Bridging Science and Religion, edited by Ted Peters and Gaymon Bennett

English by Fortress Press in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
English by SCM Press in London, UK
Simplified Chinese by China Social Sciences Press, Beijing, China
(with editorial assistance by Kang Phee Seng)
Traditional Chinese by Chung Hwa Book Company, Ltd., in Hong Kong (with editorial assistance by Kang Phee Seng)
Construindo Pontes Entrea Ciência E A Religião
Portuguese by Edicoes Loyola in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ciencia y Religión en Diálogo: Un Puente en Contrucción
Spanish by UPAEP, Puebla, Mexico (2005)

Menjembatani Sains dan Agama
Indonesian Bahassa by BPK, Jakarta, Indonesia (2005)


Brücken bauen: Naturwissenschaft und Religion
German by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen, Germany (forthcoming 2005)


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Course Syllabi from the Course Program

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