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Science and Religion: Antagonism or Complementarity?
November 8-11, 2001 The Romanian Academy Bucharest, Romania

The address for the Romanian Academy is Academia Romana, Calea ictorieri, 125 71102 Bucuresti

Co-sponsoring Institutions:

Romanian Academy
National Commission for UNESCO Minister of Culture and Cults
Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris

Speakers and Titles:

Science and Religion: Complementarity and No Antagonism, Constantin BALACEANU-STOLNICI, Romania

The Ancient Theory of Mind, Hendrik BARENDREGT, The Netherlands

Histoire des sciences et histoire des religions au XVIIIe siecle, Eugen CIURTIN, Romania

Logos and Evolution in Anthropological Research, Doru COSTACHE, Romania,

Chaos Theory, Human Freedom and the Transcendent, Pranab DAS, United States

Modern Science and Christianity: An Attempt of the Dialogue in the Frame of Russian Religious Mind, Sergey GRIB, Russia

Modern Cosmology and the Spiritual Prospect of Islam: a Dialogue in the Quest for Knowledge, Bruno GUIDERDONI, France

Science & religion: Why building a better relationship is vitally important for the human future, Charles HARPER, United States

Résoudre les antinomies en science et religion, Jean KOVALEVSKY, France

Moral Philosophy as a Ground for a New Dialogue between Science and Theology, Thierry MAGNIN, France

The Uniqueness of Science and the Variety of Religions, Mircea MALITZA, Romania

The Metaphysics of Reason, Argyris NICOLAIDIS, Greece

Les niveaux de Réalité et le sacré, Basarab NICOLESCU, France-Romania

Bioinformatics and Body-Spirit Interface , Pierre PERRIER, France

Law, Chance and Opportunity in Nature: Insight into Natural and Human Creativity, Pauline M. RUDD, United Kingdom

Science et Religion: nouvelles opportunités de dialogues en ce début du XXIeme siècle, Jean STAUNE, France

Round table discussions included the following:

  • The Middle Ages Islamic Astronomers and their Place in the General History of Science, Elchin S. BABAYEV and Rustam B. RUSTAMOV, Azerbaijan
  • The Quest for Ultimate Reality, Alan H. BATTEN, Canada
  • Science and Religion - The three dimensions of their interface, Christian BERG, Germany
  • Science and Religion: The Faith, M. BIRLAN, J. SOUCHAY, Mariana BIRLAN, France
  • Need and Usefulness of a Revised Creation Theology: Chaos Theology, Sjoerd L. BONTING, Netherlands
  • Cosmological Fine-tuning, Two Versions of the Design Hypothesis and Physical Eschatology, Milan M. ĆIRKOVIĆ, Yugoslavia
  • Science and Religion: Complementarity in the Fight against Astrology, Milan S. DIMITRIJEVIC, Yugoslavia
  • About two rational and scientific arguments to accept divinity, Dan D. FARCAS, Romania
  • Nicolas Paulesco - l'unité entre la science et la tradition, Constantin GALERIU, Romania
  • Ethical and Theological Points of View on Human Cloning, Oana IFTIMIE, Romania
  • Reason and Rationality. Scientific and Theological Perspective, Razvan Andrei IONESCU, Romania
  • Why do we have Religions? An Evolutionary View of the Behaviour of Bees and Humans, Peter LACHMANN, United Kingdom
  • The Scientific Teleology - a Chance of Meeting between Theology and Science Adrian LEMENI, Romania
  • Le rôle de la science et de la religion dans l'instauration d'une sociéte de modernité apaisée, Michel RAPAPORT, France
  • Astronomical Knowledge in the Koran, Rustam B. RUSTAMOV and Elchin S. BABAYEV, Azerbaijan
  • Max Planck on the Relations between Science and Religion: a Critical Realism before the Word, Gheorghe STRATAN, Romania
  • The New Era of Cosmology and Religion, Doru Marian SURAN, Romania
  • The Conflict between the Totalitarian Ideologies and Modern Science, Eugen Toma, Romania
  • Saint Trinity Chapel and National Astronomical Observatory Rozhen, Milcho TSVETKOV and Katya TSVETKOVA , Bulgaria
  • Creation of the Universe - Theological and Cosmological Visions, Vasile URECHE, Romania

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