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Science and the Spiritual Quest: New Essays by Leading Scientists

  Edited by W. Mark Richardson, Robert John Russell, Philip Clayton, and Kirk Wegter-McNelly

ISBN 0415257670
288 pages

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Addressing fundamental questions about life, death and the universe Science and the Spiritual Quest examines the ways in which scientists negotiate the complex frontiers between their scientific and religious beliefs. Distinguished cosmologists, physicians, biologists and computer scientists of different faiths explore the connections between the domain of science and the realms of ethics, spirituality and the divine. Through essays and frank interviews, they offer honest, stimulating, and often intensely personal thoughts about life's most impenetrable mysteries. This unique volume presents radical new approaches to the religion/science debate and highlights the continued importance of the "spiritual quest" in a world transformed by the developments of science.


Preface Kirk Wegter-McNelly Introduction W. Mark Richardson 1. Science, Spirituality and Religion: An Exploration of Bridges and Gaps Jocelyn Bell Burnell 2. Must Not the Judge of All the Earth Do Justice? God's Nature and the Existence of Genetic Diseases in Man Kenneth S. Kendler 3. Theology for Nerds Kevin Kelly 4. Science and religion: Separate Closets in the Same House Allan Sandage 5. Does science Offer Evidence of a Purpose and a Transcendent Reality? Cyril Domb 6. What Price Reductionism? Martinez J. Hewlett 7. Scientific Reduction: Adversary or Ally? Robert b. Griffiths 8. Computer Science, the Informational, and Jewish Mysticism Mitchell P. Marcus 9. The Islamic Worldview and Modern Cosmology Bruno Guideroni 10. Darwinism and Atheism: A Marriage Made in Heaven? Michael Ruse 1. An Historical Reality that Includes Big Bang, Free Will, and Elementary Particles Geoffrey F. Chew 12. The Horrors of Humanity and the Computation of the Self Michael A. Arbib 13. The Universe, Life, and Consciousness Andrei Linde 14. God, Approximately Brian Cantwell Smith 15. The Challenges and Possibilities for Western Monotheism Arthur Peacocke 16. One Quest, One Knowledge George Sudarshan Some Concluding Reflections Philip Clayton

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