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Course Prize-Winning Syllabi by Religious Focus


Stephanie Kaza: Buddhism and Ecology

Richard Payne: Approaches to Consciousness


Ron Cole-Turner: Theology of Nature

Kang Phee Seng: Science and Religion: In Search of Origins

James Landry: Science, Theology & the Future

Ben Leslie: Christian Theology and Natural Science: An Introduction to the Conversation

Gary Patterson: Christianity and Science: A Multidisciplinary Approach


Laszlo Toth-Soma: Hinduism and Natural Sciences: Scientific and Religious Thinking


Carolyn King: Science & Spirit

Lori Lambert: Environmental Science: Meaning in Indigenous Religion


Frank Budenholzer: Religion and Science

Robert Goss: The Problem of Evil: Theodicies from the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences and World Religions

Paul Halpern: Views of the Cosmos

Judith Kovach: Is the Body Enough? Cognitive Science, Embodiment, and Religious Experience

Augustine Pamplany: Science and the Eastern Religions: Towards an Integrative Vision of Reality

David Williamson: Bridging Voices: A Proposal to Link Orthodox Jewish Women Studying Social Science Theory in Israel and U.S. Students Studying the Sociology of Religion


Mehdi Golshani: Science and Religion

Muzaffar Iqbal: Islam and Science: Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Life and Cosmos

Pirooz Fatoorchi: God’s Action in Nature: ‘Science and Theology’ from an Islamic Perspective


Nathan Aviezer: Torah and Science


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