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Course Prize-Winning Syllabi by Instructor

Paul Adams: The Evolution Controversy

Rajkumar Ambrose: Cosmology and Creation

Naumana Amjad: Self and Personality: Contemporary and Traditional Perspectives

Anton Antonov: Science & Religion

Theresa Asojo: Science, Religion and Africa in the New Millennium

Nathan Aviezer: Torah and Science

Peter Barrett: Science and Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives in the Western World and South Africa

Rosemary Bertocci: Science, Religion, and Values

Kalman Bland: Religion & Science: Biology, Minds, and Souls

Kate Boisvert: Origin and Evolution of the Universe: An Exploration of the Worldviews of Science and Religion

Rolf Bouma: Ecological Issues in Science and Religion

Frank Budenholzer: Religion and Science

Kelly Bulkeley: Dreaming: Religious and Scientific Approaches

Samuel Cheon: Christianity and History of Science

Karen Cianci: Special Topics in Biology: Neuroscience and Christianity

Ron Cole-Turner: Theology of Nature

D. Andrew Crain: Science & Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Stuart Crampton: Science and Religious Experience

Cynthia Crysdale: Playing God: Genetics, Ecology, and Religion

Allan Day: Science and Christian Belief

Christopher Elisara: God and Nature: Scientific Perspectives on Humanity and the Cosmos

Pirooz Fatoorchi: God’s Action in Nature: ‘Science and Theology’ from an Islamic Perspective

Michael Fuller: Science & Theology

Marie George: Philosophy of Science and Religion

Mehdi Golshani: Science and Religion

Robert Goss: The Problem of Evil: Theodicies from the Natural Sciences, the Social Sciences and World Religions

Tim Gouldstone: Science & Religious Belief

Alan Hájek: Probability, the Philosophy of Science, and the Philosophy of Religion

Paul Halpern: Views of the Cosmos

Peter Harrison: Science and Religious Belief

Noreen Herzfeld: Philosophical, Ethical, and Religious Issues in Computer Science

Peter Hess: Science & Religion: Creative Tension in History

Peter Heszler: Religion and Natural Science

David Holley: Philosophical Issues in Religion and Science

Patrick Holt: Science, Religion and the Search for God

William Howarth: Darwin's Entangled Bank: The Cultural Legacy of Evolution

Nancy Howell: Theological Studies: Women, Science & Religion

Richard Hudelson: Philosophy 351 Selected Topics: Science and Religion

Muzaffar Iqbal: Islam and Science: Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Life and Cosmos

Jerry Irish: Spirit Matters: In Search of a Personal Ecology

Jose Kalapura: Science-Religion Dialogue and Ecology: An Asian Perspective

Kang Phee Seng: Science and Religion: In Search of Origins

Stephanie Kaza: Buddhism and Ecology

Albert Keller: Creation & Evolution: Crisis and Dialogue

Stephen Kim: The Science and Religion Dialogue: A Hermeneutic of Humility

Carolyn King: Science & Spirit

Judith Kovach: Is the Body Enough? Cognitive Science, Embodiment, and Religious Experience

Lori Lambert: Environmental Science: Meaning in Indigenous Religion

James Landry: Science, Theology & the Future

Ben Leslie: Christian Theology and Natural Science: An Introduction to the Conversation

Genevievie McCoy: Religion & Science on Cosmology and Human Nature

Maureen Miner: Psychology, Science and Religion

Young Bin Moon: Religion and Science: An Overview

Andrew Newberg: Body and Spirit: Toward a Mutual Understanding

Volodymyr Nikolenko: The Multidimensional Man: Scientific Diagnosis and Christianity Perspective

Mark Noll: Science and Belief from the Copernicans to the Creationists and the Way Ahead

Wayne Norman: Developments in the Neurosciences and the Nature of Persons

Richard Olson: Science and Religion in the Western Tradition: An Introduction to Historical Approaches

Margaret Osler: Science and Religion in the 17th Century

Paul Oslington: Theological Perspectives on the Science of Economy

Augustine Pamplany: Science and the Eastern Religions: Towards an Integrative Vision of Reality

Rafael Pascual: Science, Philosophy and Theology: A Possible Dialogue?

Gary Patterson: Christianity and Science: A Multidisciplinary Approach

Richard Payne: Approaches to Consciousness

James Proctor: Science, Religion and Environmentalism: Understanding Belief Systems

John Robertson: Encounters of Science and Religion

Ragaa Shalaby: A Dialogue Between Religion and Science

Jack Sibley: The Philosophy of Science and Religion

Stephen Snobelen: Science and Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

Dan Spencer: Interpreting Evolution & Creation: Scientific & Religious Perspectives

Robert Stening: Science & Religion

J. Milburn Thompson: Religion, Science and the Environment

Ravi Tiwari: The Encounter of Faith and Science in Inter-religious Dialogue

Ama'amalele Tofaeono: An Ecological Theology of Moana (Creation): An Oceanic Perspective

Mihály Toth: Cosmological Anthropology

Laszlo Toth-Soma: Hinduism and Natural Sciences: Scientific and Religious Thinking

Thaddeus Trenn: History of Science and Religion

Sarah Voss: Science and Spirit: A Mathaphorical Tour

Gregory Walters: Genetics, Theology and Ethics

Julia Watkin: The Philosophy of Science and Religion

David Williamson: Bridging Voices: A Proposal to Link Orthodox Jewish Women Studying Social Science Theory in Israel and U.S. Students Studying the Sociology of Religion

Margaret Yee: Current Issues in Theology and the Sciences

Avihu Zakai: Physics to Metaphysics


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