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2002 Course Award Winners

Instructor Institution Course Title
Dr. Faheem Ashraf Government Degree College The Big Bang & Islamic Perspective of Creation of Universe
Prof. Waheed O. Azeez University of Uyo Islam and the Medical Science: Past, Present and Future
Dr. Haidar Bagir Madina Ilmu College Interpreting Nature, Interpreting Scriptures
Dr. Randall Balmer Barnard College Science, Nature & Religion in the Twentieth Century
Dr. Randy Bennett Juniata College God, Evolution and Culture
Dr. Peter J. Bowler Queen's University of Belfast Science and Religion
Prof. Samuel Cheon Hannam University Christianity and History of Science
Prof. Adam K. arap Chepkwony Moi University African Traditional Healing and Science
Dr. Sarah Coakley Harvard Divinity School Medicine & Religion
Dr. Stuart B. Crampton Williams College Science and Religious Experience
Dr. Anne Marie Dalton Saint Mary's University Science and Religion
Dr. Howard M. Ducharme University of Akron Philosophy of Science & Religion
Dr. Hector Velazquez Fernandez Universidad Panamericana Creation and Evolution
Dr. Mary Frohlich Catholic Theological Union The Biology of Spirit: Religious & Scientific Perspectives
Prof. Dr. Botond Gaál Debrecen University of Reformed Theology Shedding a New Light on Mission to a Different Generation
Dr. William Greenway Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Theology and Science
Prof. Dr. Anton Hajduk Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Science and Religion at Slovak
Dr. Guillermo Hansen ISEDET Doing Theology in an Evolutionary Situation
Dr. Yohan Hyun Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary Christian Faith & Natural Science: Introduction to the Dialogue
Dr. Jerry Irish Pomona College Spirit Matters
Dr. Derek S. Jeffreys University of Wisconsin, Green Bay Philosophy, Religion, and Science
Dr. Jose Kalapura Bihar Social Institute Science-Religion Dialogue and Ecology: An  Asian Perspective
Mr. Ibrahim Kalin The George Washington University Religion and Science: Tradition and Modern Encounters
Dr. Stephen Kaplan Manhattan College Mind, Brain and the Search for Self
Dr. Kyoung Jae Kim Hanshin University Natural Sciences and Theology of Creation
Dr. Timothy Lubin Washington and Lee University Magic, Science and Religion
Dr. Seymour H. Mauskopf Duke University Idea of Nature
Dr. Ton Meijknecht Studentenpastoraat Delft Engineering is Magic
Prof. Dr. Javier Monserrat Universidad Comillas Science and Religion in Spanish Universities
Dr. Young Bin Moon Seoul Women's University Religion and Science: An Overview
Dr. Dominika Motak Jagiellonian University The Biology of Spirituality
Dr. Henry J. Mugabe Baptist Theological Seminary of Zimbabwe African Traditional Religion and Modern Science
Dr. M.A. Muhibbu-Din Lagos State University Islam and Modern Science
Dr. Sebastian Murken University of Trier Establishing Psychology of Religion as a Discipline
Prof. Dr. Argyris Nicolaidis University of Thessaloniki Cosmos in Science and Religion
Prof. Dr. Michele Nicoletti University of Trento The Challenge of Eugenics: Science, Philosophy and Religion
Prof. Dr. Heinz Oberhummer Technische Universität Wien Cosmological Fine-Tuning and its Metaphysical Bias in Natural Science
Dr. Daniel L. Olson Wartburg Theological Seminary Evolution & A Christian Understanding of Human Nature
Fr. Augustine Pamplany, CST Little Flower Seminary Science and the Eastern Religions Towards an Integral Vision of Reality
Dr. Rafael Pascual Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostoloru Science-Philosophy and Theology
Dr. Natalia Pecherskaya St. Petersburg School of Religion and Philosophy Conducting a series of seminars at the St. Petersburg Educational Center 
Dr. Rodney L. Petersen Boston Theological Institute Moral Cosmologies
Dr. Carol Poster Florida State University The Two Books
Dr. Kim E. Power ACU National, Fitzroy Campus Are We Hard-Wired for Holiness? From Neuroscience to Neurotheology
Dr. Elizabeth Box Price Phillips Theological Seminary Christian Nurture and the New Cosmology
Dr. Jan Schmidt Technische Universität Darmstadt God and the New Science - On the Dialogue between Theology and Physics
Dr. Richard K. Sherlock Utah State University Science and Religion in the Modern World
Dr. Stephen D. Snobelen University of King's College Science and Religion: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Dr. Magdalena Stavinschi The Romanian Academy Contemporary Cosmology: Interface for Science & Theology Dialogue
Dr. Ama'amalele Tofaeono Pacific Theological College An Ecological Theology of Moana (Creation): An Oceanic Perspective
Dr. Laszlo Toth-Soma University of Szeged  
Rev. Julian W. Ward Regents Theological College Science and the Christian Faith
Dr. Koo D. Yun Bethany College Scientific and Theological Perspectives on Contemporary Issues


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