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2001 Course Award Winners

Instructor Institution Course Title
Dr. Carlton Adams Piedmont College Science and Religion: From Conflict to Conversation
Dr. Stephen Ames University of Melbourne God & the Natural Sciences
Dr. Theresa T. Asojo Ogun State University Science, Religion, and Africa in the New Millennium
Ms. Dr. Azizan Baharuddin University Malaya Dialogues Between Science and Religion: Western and Islamic Perspectives
Dr. Ian Barns Murdoch University Genes and Persons
Prof. Dr.  Jacob A. Belzen University of Amsterdam When Science turns to Religion: Philosophy and Methodology of the Sciences of Religion
Prof. RNDr. Karel Benes University of South Bohemia  
Dr. Kent Blevins Gardner-Webb University Science and Religion
Dr. James Buchholz California Baptist University Science and Religious Faith
Dr. Grace G. Burford Prescott College Religion and Science
Rev. Graham Buxton Tabor College An Introductory Course in Science & Christianity
Dr. Roland Chia Trinity Theological College Methodological Issues in Science & Religion
Dr. Denny A. Clark Albertson College of Idaho Theology and the Sciences in Conversation
Dr. Guy M. Clicque University of Bayreuth Theology & Science
Prof. Radu Constantinescu University of Craiova  
Dr. D. Andrew Crain Maryville College Science and Religion:  Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Dr. Mary Kathleen Cunningham North Carolina State University Science and the Sacred: Models of God in Science and Religion
Dr. Mark Discher Ottawa University Issues in Science and Religion
Dr. Thomas Dixon University of Cambridge Science and Belief
Mr. Hubert Doucet Universite de Montreal Neurosciences et religions sour l'eclairage du soi
Dr. Steven Engler Mount Royal College Issues in Science & Religion
Mr. Pirooz Fatoorchi Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies God's Action in Nature: Science and Theology from an Islamic Perspective
Dr. Johan Ferreira Bible College of Queensland The Quest for Meaning: The Dialogue between Science and Theology
Dr. Paul Flaman University of Alberta Neuroscience, Persons and Christian Theology
Rev. Dr. Gerald Gleeson Catholic Institute of Sydney Science, Human Behavior and Christian Ethics
Brian Gobbett Briercrest Biblical Seminary Christianity and Science from Copernicus to Creation Science
Eva-Lotta Granten Lund University Religion and Science
Stephen Grover Queens College, C.U.N.Y Cosmical Qualities
Alan Hajek California Institute of Technology Probability, the Philosophy of Religion and the Philosophy of Science
Dr. Sara Fletcher Harding Florida Southern College Dialogues in Science and Religion
Dr. Noreen Herzfeld St. John's University Philosophical, Ethical and Religious Issues in Computer Science
Dr. April Hill Fairfield University Science and Religion: Contemporary Debates and Prospects for Public Dialogue
Dr. Barbara A. Holmes Memphis Theological Seminary Science & Liberation Theology
Dr. Patrick Holt Bellarmine University Science, Religion, & the Search for God
Dr. Richard Hudelson University of Wisconsin Superior Science and Religion
Dr. Janine Marie Idziak Loras College Science and Theology: The Design Argument
Dr.-Ing. Michael F. Jischa Technische Universität Clausthal  
Phee Seng KANG Hong Kong Baptist University Science and Theology: In Search of Origins
Dr. Stephanie Kaza University of Vermont Buddhism and Ecology
Dr. Albert Keller, Jr. Medical University of South Carolina Graduate Seminar in Science and Religion
Dr. Brian Kelty   Science, Theology, Religion: An Educational Challenge
Dr. Thomas D. Kennedy Valparaiso University God, Genes and Goodness
Fr. Gregory L. Klein Niagara University Religion and Science
Dr. Evonne Jonas Kruger Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Modern Physics and Judaism
Dr. Kalevi Kull University of Tartu  
Dr. Ben Leslie North American Baptist Seminary Theology and Science in Dialogue
Mr. Olof Lönneborg Umeå University  
Dr. Eriberto Lozada, Jr. Butler University Is the Truth Out There? Science, Religion, and Society
Abdul Majid Government Postgraduate College, Mansehra Mystical Experience: Religious and Scientific Perspectives
Dr. Eduard Martinyuk Odessa Theological Seminary  
Dr. Genevieve E. McCoy University of Washington, Bothell Religion and Science on Cosmology and Human Nature
Dr. Jay McDaniel Hendrix College Buddhism, Christianity, Science
Dr. Daniel J. McNamara, S.J. Ateneo de Manila University Science and Religion
Dr. Craig M. Nelson California State University, Fullerton Historical and Contemporary Interaction of the Judeo-Christian Tradition and Science
Volodymyr Nikolenko Columbia University Science-Religion Dialogue: "Prompters" and "Mediators"
Dr. Deusdedit R. K. Nkurunziza Makerere University Religion and Science
Dr. Raymond O. Ogunade University of Ilorin The Interface Between Science and Religion in Nigeria
Dr. Paul Oslington University of New South Wales Science and Religion in the Classroom
Dr. Gary Patterson Carnegie-Mellon University Christianity and Science: A Multidisciplinary Course
Dr. Richard K. Payne Graduate Theological Union Approaches to Consciousness
Dr. Jacques Perron College Andre-GRASSET Pour une intercritique des discours mythique, phililosophique, theol...
Dr. Michael L. Peterson Asbury College Science and Religion:  Issues at the Interface
Dr. Dagmar Petrikova Slovak University of Technology  
Dr. Sylvain Pinard Cegep Ahuntsic Cognition et Sensation: Rencontre de la Science et de la Religion
Dr. James Proctor University of California Santa Barbara Science, Religion and Environmentalism: Understanding Belief Systems
Dr. C. David Pruett James Madison University From Black Elk to Black Holes: Shaping a Myth for a New Millenium
Dr. Yakov M. Rabkin Universite de Montreal Modern Science in Islamic and Judaic Cultures
Dr. A.K.M. Shamsur Rahman University of Chittagong Cosmology of the Holy Quran and Natural Sciences
Prof. John C. Raines Temple University Religion and Science
Prof. Armando Reale Facolta di Scienze dell'Universita dell'Aquila  
Dr. David Rhoads Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago The Future of Creation
Prof Aurelio Rizzacasa Universita degli studi di Perugia  
Dr. John C. Robertson McMaster University Science and Religion Today: Paradigms and Critical Realism
Dr. Tinu Ruparell Liverpool Hope University College 'Re-Vising' Humanity: Theology in the New Genetic Age
Prof. Mohammad Saleem Islamia University, Al-Askaria Academy Bahawalpur A Mathematical Approach to God
Dr. Glenn Sauer Fairfield University God and Modern Biology
Dr. Laurel Schneider Chicago Theological Seminary God, Adam and Eve: Theology and Science in the Genome Age
Dr. Timothy Shanahan Loyola Marymount University Darwinism and Christian Belief
Dr. Greg Snyder Davidson College In the Beginning: Myths and Theories of Cosmic Origin
Dr. Daniel T. Spencer Drake University Interpreting Evolution & Creation: Scientific & Religious Perspectives
Dr. M.K. Sridhar National College Cosmology to Self: Eastern Knowledge-Traditions
Mr. Matthew Stanley Harvard University Science and Religion: Conflict, Compromise, and Communication
Dr. Mikael Stenmark Uppsala University The Natural Sciences and Contemporary Worldviews
Dr. Jonathan Strand Concordia University College of Alberta Reasoning: Scientific and Religious
Dr. Fred Struckmeyer West Chester University Theology & Science: Enemies or Partners?
Dr. Xiangui Su Peking University Science and Religion
Prof. Lawrence E. Sullivan Harvard University Science & the Spiritual Quest
Dr. Mustafa Abu Sway Al-Quds University Islam and Science: Past and Present
Dr. Brendan Sweetman Rockhurst University Religion and Science
Rev. Howard G Taylor Heriot-Watt University Science and Theology
Dr. George E. Tinker Iliff School of Theology Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science
Rev. Dr. Ravi Tiwari Gurukul Lutheran Theological College The Encounter of Faith & Science in Inter-religious Dialogue
Dr. John Valk Renaissance College Science and Religion: Understanding through Dialogue
Dr. Willem P. Van De Merwe Indiana Wesleyan University Interaction between Science and Religion and Their Impact on Faith and Society
Ms. Karla Van Zee Hanover College Theology and Science
Mr. Igor B. Voronov Russian Academy of Sciences History & Present State of Mutual Relation Between Science & Religion in Russia
Dr. Graham Walker Mercer University Religion, Science and the Sacred Self
Dr. Gregory J. Walters Saint Paul University Genetics, Theology, and Ethics
Dr. Holly L. Wilson University of Louisiana at Monroe Intersections of Science and Religion


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