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2000 Course Award Winners

Instructor Institution Course Title
Dr. Peter J. Albano Saint John's Seminary Religion, Science and Technology
Dr. Naumana Amjad University of Warwick Soul and Embodiment: A Conversation on Human Personhood
Dr. Eugeny Arinin Pomor State University  
Dr. Jim Baird Oklahoma Christian University The Bible, Science & Human Values
Dr. John T. Baldwin Andrews University Issues in Origins
Dr. Rosemary Bertocci St. Francis University Science, Religion, and Values
Dr. Richard H. Beyler Portland State University Images of Nature and Systems of Belief in the Modern West
Dr. Ann Blair Harvard University Reason & Faith in the West
Dr. Kalman P. Bland Duke University Religion and Science: Biology, Minds & Souls
Dr. Khalid Blankinship Temple University  
Prof. Juan José Blazquez-Ortega UPAEP Theological, Scientific & Human Conceptions of the Universe
Rev. Dr. Rolf T. Bouma Ann Arbor Campus Chapel Ecological Issues in Science & Religion
Dr. Michael Bourgeois Emmanuel College, University of Toronto Theology, Science, and Suffering
Dr. Susan Power Bratton Baylor University Ecology and Religion
Mr. Bill Briare Clackamas Community College Faith and Reason: Dialogues between Religion and Science
Dr. Jonathan R. Bryan Okaloosa-Walton Community College Science, Religion, and Nature
Dr. Kelly Bulkeley Santa Clara University Dreaming:  Religious and Scientific Approaches
Dr. Mathew Chandrankunnel Dharmaram Pontifical Ahanaeum Search for Unity & Interconnectedness: Meeting Point Between Science & Religion
Dr. Karen M. Cianci Northwestern College Neuroscience and Christianity
Mr. Stephen Coleman Charles Sturt University Science and Religion: Historical Perspectives, Contemporary Problems
Dr. Robin Collins Messiah College Issues in Science and Religion
Dr. Cynthia Crysdale The Catholic University of America Playing God: Genetics, Ecology & Religion
Dr. Joyce Cuff Thiel College Religion and the Sciences
Dr. Michael Culhane Mary Immaculate College Exploring Issues in Science and Faith
Dr. Daryl Culp Lithuania Christian College Scientific Method and Christian Faith
Mr. Thomas John Davis Ulster County Community College Topics in Science and Philosophy: The Story of Light
Sr. Ilia Delio Washington Theological Union Following Christ in a Scientific Age
Dr. Daniel Deslauriers California Institute of Integral Studies Conciousness, Science and Religion: Historical and Integral Perspectives
Dr. Lawrence Dewan Dominican College of Philosophy & Theology Science and Religion: Distinguish in Order to Unite
Dr. Paul Draper Florida International University Science and the Soul
Dr. Alexander Filonenko Kharkov National University Science and Theology
Dr. Bruce D. Forbes Morningside College Science and Religion: Inerdisciplinary Conversations
Dr. Erich Freiberger Jacksonville University Relations between Science and Religion
Dr. Laura Furlong Westmont College Christianity and Ecological Science
Dr. Robert Goss Webster University The Problem of Evil
Canon Tim Gouldstone University of Exeter Science and Religion
Dr. Clifton F. Guthrie Bangor Theological Seminary God & Gray Matter: Science and Religious Experience
Dr. Syed Nomanul Haq University of Pennsylvania Constructing Space
Prof. Michael Heller Center for Interdisciplinary Studies  
Dr. William Howarth Princeton University Darwin & Religion
Dr. David B. Howell Ferrum College Religion and Science: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Dr. John Jungerman University of California Davis Modern Physics, Cosmology and Religion
Dr. Brad J. Kallenberg University of Dayton Issues at the Interface of Theology and Science
Dr. Charles D. Kay Wofford College Seminar in Science and Religion
Dr. Heup Young Kim Kangnam University Theology and Natural Sciences: Beyond Western Horizons
Dr. P. Douglas Kindschi Grand Valley State University Science, Mathematics and Religion: Ways of Knowing
Ass't. Prof. ThMgr. Milan Klapetek Technical University of Brno  
Dr. Judith E. Kovach Boston University Is the Body Enough? Cognitive Science, Embodiment, and Religious Experience
Dr. Lori Lambert Salish Kootenai Tribal College Environmental Science: Meaning in Indigenous Spirituality
Dr. Michael Levandowsky School of Visual Arts Science and Religion
Dr. Marilyn MacDonald Simon Fraser University In Whose Image? Exploring Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Gender
Dr. Christopher Macosko University of Minnesota Origins: The Big Questions
Dr. Vincent McCarthy St. Joseph's University Philosophy of Religion in an Age of Science
Dr. Charlotte Methuen Ruhr-Universitat Bochum  
Dr. Maureen Miner University of Western Sydney, Macarthur Psychology, Science and Religion
Mr. Carl Mitcham Colorado School of Mines Science and Religion: Cosmology, Biology, Geology
Dr. Jonathan Mosedale Institut de Theologie Protestante, Montpellier Science in Contemporary Culture: Theological Implications
Dr. Jeff Mullins Liberty University Christianity and Science
Dr. Michael Murray Franklin and Marshall College Science and Religion
Olena Nikolenko, MD Sophia Rusova College Multidimensional Man
Dr. Frederick Norris Emmanuel School of Religion Science and Theology
Dr. Steve Odin University of Hawaii at Manoa Science and Religion
Dr. Clare Palmer University of Stirling Science and Religion
Dr. George R. Plitnik Frostburg State University Modern Physics & Eastern Metaphysics
Dr. Mary L. Puglia Central Arizona College On a Wing and a Prayer: Connections between Science and Religion
Rev. Richard O. Randolph Saint Paul School of Theology Introduction to Chrtistian Theology and the Natural Sciences
Dr. P. Venugopala Rao Emory University Science and Religion in Dialogue
Dr. Duncan Reid United Faculty of Theology God's Creation, Chaos and Cosmos
Ms. Robin Ressler Evanjelicke Lyceum Science and Religion for Leadership in Post-Communist Central Europe
Mr. Jon Reynolds Westminster Institute of Education Science, Creation, and the Bible
Dr. Glenn Ross Franklin and Marshall College Science and Religion
Dr. Susan Schmidt Brevard College Credo: Ways of Knowing/Ways of Believing in Science & Religion
Dr. Kevin S. Seybold Grove City College Connecting Science and Religion: Perspectives on the Self
Mr. Jim D. Shelton University of Central Arkansas Science and Religion
Dr. H. Wayne Shew Birmingham-Southern College Initiating Dialogue and Developing Understanding Between Science and Religion
Dr. Andrew A. Sicree Pennsylvania State University Geology & Genesis
Dr. Gheorghe Stratan Bucharest University Science and Religion: A Necessary Dialogue
Dr. Philip A. Street Saint Mary's University Science and Religion: Psychological Contributions to the Conversation
Dr. Laszlo Toth-Soma University of Szeged Hinduism & Natural Science-Scientific & Religious Thinking of Hindu Tradition
Dr. Virginia Tumasz University of Calgary Science  & Religions: Religious Perspectives on Evolution
Prof. J. O. Tuni Institut de Teologia Fonamental  
Dr. Maura G.Tyrrell Stonehill College Ecology, Theologies, and World Views
Mr. Hal Walberg Minnesota State University, Mankato Science & Religion: Persons in their World
Dr. Daniel E. Wray Stanly Community College Philosophy of Science (and Religion)
Dr. Warren Zemke Wartburg College Science and Religion: The Search for Integration


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