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1998 Course Award Winners

Instructor Institution Course Title
Dr. Joan Acker John Carroll University Issues In Science & Religion
Dr. Brian Alters McGill University Evolution, Religion & Education
Dr. John W. Alverson Carlow College Religion and Science
Dr. Paul Anderson George Fox University Science and Religion: From Crisis to Integration
Dr. Anton Antonov University of Shumen Science and Religion
Dr. Denis Arnold Pacific Lutheran University Creation and Evolution
Dr. D. Brian Austin Carson-Newman College Religion and Science
Dr. Kevin Belmont Gordon College What God Hath Wrought: A Case Study of British Evangelicalism and the Advancement of Science
Dr. Kate Boisvert Los Medanos College Origin and Evolution of the Universe
Dr. Gerald Boodoo Xavier University of Louisiana Theology and Science
Dr. Richard Borthwick The University of Western Australia Philosophical Problems in Science and Religion
Dr. Woodward Bousquet Shenendoah University In Search of Humanity: Integrating Biology, Pychology and Theology
Dr. Peter J. Bowler Queen's University of Belfast History and Philosophy of Science
Dr. Dale Cannon Western Oregon University Science and Religion
Dr. James Carter Loyola University Faith, Science and Religion
Dr. Anna Case-Winters McCormick Seminary Creation and Providence
Dr. Igor Chemyr The Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration Artificial Intelligence: Spirit-Mind Dialogue
Dr. Hyung S. Choi Grand Canyon University Science & Christian Faith
Dr. Gerry Clarkson Howard Payne University Integrating Christianity and Contemporary Science
Dr. Ron Cole-Turner Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Theology of Nature
Dr. Harry Cook The King's University College Vision of Design, Visions of Progress: Religion & Biology in the 19th and 20th Century
Dr. Pranab Das Elon College Construction of Postmodern Cosmology
Dr. Jimmy H. Davis Union University Science and Faith: A Dialogue
Dr. Allan Day Ridley College Science and Christian Belief
Dr. Celia Deane-Drummond University College, Chester New Frontiers in Biology & Theology
Dr. Harold Delaney University of New Mexico Scientific Psychology and Christian Theism
Dr. Gary DeWeese Denver Seminary Methods in Theology and Science
Dr. Manuel Doncel Institute de Teologia Fonamental Today's Dialogue Between Theology and Science
Dr. Phil Dowe University of Tasmania Science and Religion
Dr. Noel Dreska Lewis University Physics and Faith
Dr. William Durbin Indiana University Science and Religion: Exploring Our Boundaries
Dr. Chris Elisara Christian Environmental Association God and Nature: Scientific Perspectives on Humanity and the Cosmos
Rev. Dr. Bruce G. Epperly Georgetown University God, Creation and Spirituality
Dr. David A. S. Fergusson University of Aberdeen Theology of Creation
Dr. Patrick Flynn Benedictine University Evolution, Creation and God
Revd Dr. Michael Fuller University of Edinburgh Science and Theology
Lodovico Galleni Universita di Pisa Natural Theology
Dr. Carl Gillett Illinois Western University God and Science
Dr. Arnie Gotfryd University of Toronto Faith and Science
Dr. David Grandy Brigham Young University-Hawaii Campus Christian Theology and Western Science
Dr. Yudit Kornberg Greenberg Rollins College Religion and Science in Dialogue
Dr. Steven Grosby Clemson University Science and Religion
Dr. Halina Grzymala-Moszczynska Jagiellonian University Science and Religion
Dr. Richard Gunderman Indiana University Biology and Religion
Dr. Peter Harrison Bond University Science and Religious Belief
Dr. Douglas Henry Grand Canyon University Honors Interdisciplinary Seminary: Science and Religion
Dr. Peter Heszler JATE University Religion and Natural Sciences
Dr. Ronald Highfield Pepperdine University A Dialogue on Issues Between Contemporary Physical Science and Religion
Dr. William Hine York University Science and Religion
Dr. Peter E. Hodgson University of Oxford Theology and New Physics
Dr. Thomas Hosinski University of Portland Religion and Science
Dr. Stephen Kim Claremont School of Theology The Science and Religion Dialogue: A Hermaneutic of Humility
Dr. Carolyn King University of Waikato Science and Spirit: How Things Are and Which Things Matter
Dr. Denis O. Lamoureux St. Joseph's College Topics In Christian Theology: Science and Religion
Dr. James Landry Loyola Marymount University Science, Theology, and the Future
Dr. William Lawhead University of Mississippi Ways of Seeing
Dr. Bernard Lightman York University Science and Religion In Modern Western Thought
Dr. Gregory Love St. Olaf College Classics and Moderns: The Relation Between Science and Religion in the West
Dr. Peter Lowentrout California State University, Long Beach Religion and Science
Dr. Alesia Maltz Antioch New England Graduate School The Circle of Science and Spirituality
Dr. Robert Mann University of Waterloo Religion and Science
Dr. Paul Martson University of Central Lancaster Christianity, Science and History
Dr. Douglas McGaughey Willamette University Religion and Science
Dr. Brian Morley The Master's College Religion and Science
Dr. Timothy Morris Covenant College Science in Perspective
Dr. Philip Novak Dominican College Science and the Question of God
Dr. Bernard O'Connor Eastern Michigan University Sacred Literature and Modern Science
Dr. Edward Oakes Regis University Topics in Religion and Science: Evolution and the Big Bang
Dr. Ronald P. Olowin Saint Mary's College Perspectives on Cosmology, Evolution, and Spirituality
Dr. Kuruvilla Pandikattu Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth Religion and Science: Towards a Unified Vision of Reality
Dr. Greg Peterson Thiel College Religion and the Sciences
Dr. Stephen Pope Boston College Science and Theological Ethics
Dr. Douglas G. Richards Atlantic University The Nature of Reality: Integrating Scientific and Religious Perspectives
Dr. John C. Robertson McMaster University Encounters of Science and Religion
Dr. Robert S. Ross Millersville University Issues in Science and Religion
Dr. Dennis Ryan McKendree College Science and Religion: Dialogue at the Interface
Shira L. Schmidt Haredi College Women, Science, and Jewish Tradition
Dr. Carl Schultz Houghton College Science and Scripture
Dr. Tom Settle Trinity College, Toronto The Engagement of Science & Theology
Dr. Russell B. Sisson Union College Ancient Cosmologies in a Scientific Age
Dr. Alexander Soldatov St. Petersburg State Marine Technical College Theology and the Natural Sciences
Dr. Shaun Sommerer Barry University Science, Religion and the Search for Meaning
Dr. Lisa Stenmark Vanderbilt University Science and Religion in a Postmodern Context
Dr. Barbara Strassberg Aurora University Searching for Truth: Science & Religion in Global Perspective
Dr. Darwin L. Thomas Brigham Young University Religion, Health, and the Neurological Sciences
Dr. Todd Tippetts College of Mount St. Vincent Science and Religion
Dr. Joseph van de Mortel Cerritos College Philosophy of Science and Religion
Dr. Theodore Vial Virginia Wesleyan College Religion and Science
Ms. Sarah Voss University of Nebraska-Omaha Math: The New Language of Theology
Dr. David A. Weintraub Vanderbilt University The Impact of the Copernican Revolution: 1543 to the Present
Dr. Benjamin Wells University of San Francisco Infinity, Chaos, and Order
Dr. Jonathan Wilson Westmont College Creation and Science in Contemporary Culture
Revd. Dr. Margaret M. Yee University of Oxford Current Issues in Theology and the Sciences


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