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1997 Course Award Winners

Instructor Institution Course Title
Dr. David Alethea University of Hawaii - West O'ahu Science and the Sacred: Indigenous, Modern and Postmodern
Dr. Jensine Andresen University of Vermont Religion and Science: Divergence and Convergence
Dr. John Benson Augsburg College Issues in Science and Religion
Dr. Deborah D. Blake Regis University Themes in Religion and Science: Evolution and Creation
Dr. John A. Bloom Biola University Christianity and the Sciences
Dr. John Carey Agnes Scott University Science and Religion
Dr. Richard F. Carlson Fuller Theological Seminary Discipleship, Doctrine, and Darwin: Points of Intersection Between Science and Theology for the Ministry of the Local Church
Dr. Paul H. Carr University of Massachusetts Lowell Creativity: Integrated Science and the Sacred
Dr. Robert J. Cave Harvey Mudd College Science and Religion in the Western Tradition
Dr. David F. Channell University of Texas at Dallas Space Time and God
Dr. Thomas H. Clarke Stonehill College A Course in Verification and Belief
Dr. Roy Clouser The College of New Jersey Science and Religion
Dr. Bernard H. Cochran Meredith College Biology/Religion
Dr. Marie Conn Chestnut Hill College Science and the Sacred
Dr. Paul J. Croce Stetson University Darwinism and the Divine in American Culture
Dr. William D. Dean Iliff School of Theology Science, Religion and American Culture
Dr. Robert J. Deltete Seattle University Religion and Science
Dr. Demetrios Demopulos Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox School of Theology Science and Religion: Time for New Synthesis?
Dr. A. B. Dix Middlesex University Religion and Science
Dr. Andrew Dzirkalis University of Pittsburgh at Bradford Science and Religion in Western Culture
Dr. Richard England St. Michael's College Science and Religion: Encounters Throughout History
Dr. Gary B. Ferngren Oregon State University Science and Religion: Tensions and Compatibilities
Dr. Karl Fezer Concord College Science and Religion
Dr. Anne Foerst Masschusetts Institute of Technology God and Computers
Lodovico Galleni Universita di Pisa Natural Theology
Dr. Allen C. Gathman Southeast Missouri State University Science and Religion
Dr. Marie I. George St. John's University Philosophy of Science and Religion
Dr. Serguei Grib Orthodox Theological Seminary The Problems of Science and Theology in the Frame of Russian Religious/Philosophical Tradition
Dr. Rajasinghe Gunaratne Humbolt State University Buddhism and Science
Dr. Jeanne Gunner Santa Clara University Nonfiction Writing: Interrelations of Science and Literature
Dr. Peter J. Haas Vanderbilt University Natural Science and Religious Life
Dr. Cyril Harvey Guilford College Science, Religion and the Quest for Understanding
Dr. John H. Heffner Lebanon Valley College Religion, Ethics and Technology
Dr. Brian E. Hemphill Vanderbilt University Evolution and Creationism
Dr. Sarojini Henry Tamilnadu Theological Seminary Modern Science and Religious Faith
Dr. David A. Humphreys McMaster University Divinity College Frontiers of Science and Christianity
Dr. Sirajul Husain Islamic University of America Science of Religion: A Vision Within Sight
Dr. Douglas Jacobsen Messiah College Theology and Science
Dr. Ronald Jenkins Samford University Science and Religion: Exploring our Origions and Destinations
Dr. William S. Johnson Austin Presbyterian Seminary Creation, Providence, and Evil
Dr. James W. Jones Rutgers University Religion and Science
Dr. Jeffrey Jordan University of Delaware Science and Religion
Dr. Jon Joyce Urbana University Faith and Science: Bridging Religion and Science
Dr. Warren Kay International Baptist University Natural Science and Christian Faith
Dr. Denis Kenny University of New Hampshire Religion and Science: The Continuing Saga
Dr. David M. Knight University of Durham Science and Religion in the 19th Century
Dr. Job Kozhamthadam Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth Science-Religion Relationship from the Scientific Perspective
Dr. Armand E. Larive Washington State University The Mind of God and the Book of Nature
Dr. Thomas J. Lindell University of Arizona Religion from a Scientific Perspective
Dr. Donald J. Lococo University of St. Michael's Christianity and Science
Dr. Donald S. Lopez University of Michigan Buddhism and Science
Dr. Randy L. Maddox University of Sioux Falls Issues in Science and Religion
Dr. David H. Magers Mississippi College Knowing and Believing: Epistemological Perspectives on Science and Religion
Dr. Paul H. Martin Assumption College The Relationship of Science and Religion
Dr. Thomas W. Martin Midland Lutheran College Science and Religion
Dr. Rafael Martinez Pontifical Athenaeum of the Holy Cross Science, Reason and Faith: Some Epistemological Questions
Dr. Michael J. McClymond University of California-San Diego Religion and Science: The Place of God or the Transcendent in Cosmos, Nature & Life
Dr. Robert McKim University of Illinois at Urbana Religion and Science
Dr. Pat McLeod Montana State University Science and Religion
Dr. Tammy Melton St. Norbert College Science and Religion
Dr. Frank Mikes Institute of Ecumenical Studies Science and Religion
Dr. Ladislau Nagy Babes-Bolyai University Modern Physics and Religion
Dr. Seyyed H. Nasr The George Washington University Science and Religion
Dr. Alexei Nesteruk University of Portsmouth Science and Theology
Dr. Martin K. Nickels Illinois State University Human Origins: Scientific and Religious Perspectives
Dr. Russell B. Norris Wesley College The Big Bang, Evolution, and the Bible
Dr. Hoyt Oliver Emory University Wondering: Encounters of Science and Religion
Dr. Thomas Pagliosotti Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Knowledge or Certainty: The Dangers of Dogma in Science, Theology & Religion
Dr. Raymond F. Paloutzian Westmont College Psychology of Religion
Dr. Andrew S. Park United Theological Seminary Christian Mystics and Science
Dr. Richard B. Parker Western Evangelical Seminary Science and the Spiritual Life
Dr. Timothy J. Pennings Hope College Infinity and the Absolute
Dr. Samuel Powell Point Loma Nazarene College Historical Case Studies in the Relationship of Science and Religion
Dr. Andrew Pratt Southeastern Missouri State University Science and Religion
Dr. Mark S. Railey Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Senior Seminar: Ethics and the Sciences
Dr. Young-chan Ro George Mason University Religion and Science: Understanding Religious Myths and Scientific Models
Dr. Hugh Rollinson Cheltenham and Gloucester College Science and Religion
Dr. Tamar Rudavsky Ohio State University Philosophy of Religion
Dr. David W. Rutledge Furman University Religion and Ecology
Dr. Thomas Ryba Purdue University Natural Science and Christian Theology: Homologies and Heterologies in Theories of Development
Dr. Kevin Schilbrack Wesleyan College Religion, Science, and Truth
Dr. Robert J. Schneider Berea College Seminar in Christianity and Contemporary Culture
Dr. David E. Schrader Washington & Jefferson College Philosophy of Religion/History of Science
Dr. Donald M. Serva, S.J. Wheeling Jesuit University Nature of Science, Evolution and Faith
Dr. George W. Sheilds Kentucky State University Religion and Science: Issues at the Interface
Dr. Jean Staune Universite Interdisciplinaire De Paris Incompleteness: A Way to Humility in Science and Theology
Dr. Ivan Strenski University of California Riverside Comparative Religion and Fundamental Science
Dr. Margaret Gray Towne Montana State University Bridging Science and Religion: A Critical Approach
Dr. Thomas Tracy Bates College Caring for Creation
Dr. Mary McMahan True St. Mary's College of California Psychology and Religion
Dr. Chaim E. Twerski Hebrew Theological College Science and Religion: Conflicts and Resolution
Dr. Julia Watkin University of Tasmania The Philosophy of Science and Religion
Dr. John D. Weaver University of Oxford Science and Faith in the Modern World
Dr. Stock Weinstock-Collins St. Olaf College The Spirit of Science
Dr. Guy R. Welbon University of Pennsylvania Creation & the Self According to Hindu, Buddhist & Christian Tradition & Scientific Theory
Dr. Fred White Santa Clara University Nonfiction Writing: Interrelations of Science and Literature
Dr. David Williams Colorado Christian University Introduction to Philosophy of Science
Dr. Ian Wright University of Brighton Biology and Belief


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