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1996 Course Award Winners

Instructor Institution Course Title
Dr. Allen Altany Marshall University Science and Religion: Theories, Methods, Stories, Visions
Dr. Rajkumar Ambrose Monmouth College Cosmology and Creation
Dr. George Andrews LeTourneau University The Knowledge of God and Nature
Dr. James A. Arieti Hampden-Sydney College Science and Religion: Ancient and Modern
Dr. J. Matthew Ashley University of Notre Dame Science and Religion
Dr. William H. Austin University of Houston Science and Religion
Dr. Michael Barnes University of Dayton Religion and Science
Dr. Peter J. Barrett University of Natal Topics in History: Science and Belief Since 1500
Dr. Ruth Barton University of Auckland Science, Religion, Politics: Historical Case Study
Dr. Ashley J. Beavers Muskingum College Science and Religion: Methods, Models and Relationships
Dr. Gustavo Benavides Villanova University Religion, Science and Modernity
Dr. Frank T. Birtel Tulane University World Societies: Science and Religion
Dr. Joseph A. Bracken, S.J. Xavier University Religion in an Age of Science
Dr. John J. Brink Clark University Modern Science and Traditional Religions: Consensus or Conflict?
Dr. Christina Bucher Elizabethtown College Exploring Worldviews: Cosmology in Philosophical, Theological and Scientific Perspective
Dr. Barbara Burkett Gardner-Webb University Issues in Science and Religion
Dr. Robert A. Campbell University College of Cape Breton Sociology of Religion and Science
Dr. Larry S. Chapp DeSales University Science and Religion
Dr. Brian Clayton Gonzaga University Philosophical Reflections on Christianity and Science
Dr. Philip Clayton Sonoma State University Science and Religion: Theories, Methods, Values
Dr. Jack Collins Covenant Theological Seminary Science and Christian Faith
Dr. Steven D. Crain University of Notre Dame Science and Theology
Dr. Lisle W. Dalton University of California-Santa Barbara Science and Religion in American Culture
Dr. Wil Derkse Technical University of Eindhover Can Science and Religion Be on Speaking Terms?
Dr. Stephen N. Dunning University of Pennsylvania Science and the Sacred Topic for 1997: Evolution
Dr. Joseph E. Earley Georgetown University Evolution and Creation
Dr. Jerry Eichhoefer William Jewell College Science, Religion and Explanation
Dr. Lawrence Fagg Catholic University of America Integrating Physical and Religious Time
Dr. Nancy K. Frankenberry Dartmouth College Religion and Science
Dr. Botond Gaal Reformed Theological Seminary Christian Theology and Contemporary Science
Dr. Hannah Gay Simon Fraser University Western Science and Religion: Past and Present Issues
Dr. Mary Gerhardt Hobart & William Smith Colleges Metaphoric Process in Science and Religion
Dr. Leo W. Gibbs Cleveland State University Converging Views of Human Nature in Science and Religion
Dr. Karl Giberson Eastern Nazarene College Issues in Science Religion
Dr. Langdon Gilkey Georgetown University Religion and Science
Dr. Ulf Gorman Lund University Natural Science and Religion
Dr. Niels Henrik Gregersen University of Aarhus Seminar on Providence: Divine Action in a Universe of Time
Dr. Frederick Gregory University of Florida Science and Religion: The Re-making of the Foundations
Rev. Dr. Paul Michael Haffner Gregorian University Creations and Science: A Christian Approach to Ecology
Dr. Robert F. Harder George Fox College Development of Modern Science: Reason, Faith and Observation from Archimede
Dr. Peter M.J. Hess University of San Francisco Science and Religion: Creative Tension in History
Dr. Peter C. Hill Grove City College Psychology at the Interface of Science and Religion
Dr. Paul Hinlicky Comenious University Introduction to the Contemporary Dialogue Between Christian Creation Faith and the Natural Sciences
Dr. David Hopper Macalester College Science and Religion
Dr. William D. Hummon Ohio University Evolution and the Challenge of Creationism
Dr. G. Royden Hunt University of Wales Science and Religion: Dialogue or Debate?
Dr. Christopher Jargocki Central Missouri State University Science and Religion: Conflict or Dialogue?
Dr. Glenn C. Joy Southwest Texas State University Modern Science and Religion
Dr. Christopher B. Kaiser Western Theological Seminary Biblical and Scientific Views of Creation
Dr. Mark A. Kalthoff Hillsdale College Studies in Science and the Christian Faith
Dr. Michael Kelrick Northeast Missouri State University On Human Nature
Dr. Kenneth W. Kemp University of St. Thomas Evolution, Creation and Creation Science
Dr. Michael Kunz Fresno Pacific College History and Philosophy of Science
Dr. Brian Martin The King's University College God, Physics and the Human Prospect
Dr. Daniel Matt Graduate Theological Union God and The Big Bang
Dr. James F. Moore Valparaiso University Theology and the Scientific Word
Dr. Kenneth Mull Aurora University Senior Seminar in Science and Religion
Dr. Philip Muntzel King's College Science, Theology and Culture
Dr. Paul D. Murray Newman College Science and Religion
Dr. Terence L. Nichols University of St. Thomas Natural Science and Christian Theology
Dr. Oleg Nikolenko Odessa State University Science and Theology
Dr. Earnie Nolen Colgate University Science and Judeo Christian Thought
Dr. Wayne D. Norman Redeemer College Developments in the Neurosciences and the Nature of Persons
Dr. David Oakley Colorado Christian University Scientific Thought and Discovery
Dr. Lawrence Osborn Cambridge University Theology and the New Sciences in Dialogue
Dr. Paul Pace University of Malta Science and Faith
Dr. David A. Pailin University of Manchester Basic Questions in the Philosophy of Religion: God and the World of the Natural Sciences and Humanities
Dr. Morris Pelzel St. Meinrad School of Theology Christian Theology and the Natural Sciences
Dr. Ronald Philipchalk Trinity Western University Mind and Consciousness: The Person in Light of Science and Faith
Dr. Donald J. Plocke, S.J. Boston College Capstone: Science and Religion: Contemporary Issues
Dr. John Polkinghorne Cambridge University Christianity and Science
Dr. Ravi Ravindra Dalhousie University Mystical Consciousness and Modern Science
Dr. Dietrich Ritschl Rupercht-Karls-Universitat Heidelberg Theory of Evolution in the Light of the Question of God
Dr. Norbert M. Samuelson Temple University Cosmos and Creation
Dr. Gerhard Sauter University of Bonn Basic Questions of Theology
Dr. Jame Schaefer Marquette University Religion and Science
Dr. Hans Schwarz University of Regensburg Christian Understanding of Creation within the Context of the Natural Sciences
Dr. Judith Scoville United Theological Seminary Theology and Contemporary Science
Dr. Dietrich Seidel Unification Theological Seminary Scientific Foundations of Christian Theology
Dr. Ernest L. Simmons Concordia College Science and Religion
Dr. H. Michael Sommermann Westmont College Exploration of the Universe: Connections of Science and Religion
Dr. Christopher C. B. Southgate University of Exeter God, Humanity and the Cosmos
Dr. Robert Stening University of New South Wales Science and Religion
Dr. Jacqueline Stewart University of Leeds Contemporary Issues in Science and Theology
Dr. Jon Taylor University of Great Falls Science and Religion: Theology and Biology in Dialogue
Dr. Lloyd Taylor Mid-America Nazarene College Topics in Science and Religion
Dr. Dennis Temple Roosevelt University Cosmology and Creation
Dr. John A. Teske Elizabethtown College Brain, Mind, and Spirit (or The Evolution and History of the Soul)
Dr. Charles Thaxton Charles University The History of Science and its Roots: Spiritual and Secular
Dr. Paul van Arragon Messiah College Cognitive Science and Religion
Dr. Jitse M. van der Meer Redeemer College Philosophy of Science
Dr. Laszlo Vegh Hungarian Academy of Sciences Science and Religion
Dr. Henry Veldhuis Northwestern College Christian Thought in a Scientific World
Dr. Keith Ward University of Oxford The Doctrine of Creation
Dr. Jeffrey Wattles Kent State University Integrating Science, Philosophy, and Religion: Proposals and Challenges
Dr. Glenn D. Weaver Calvin College Psychology and Religion
Dr. Carol Wayne White Bucknell University Critical Perspectives in Religion and Science
Dr. David B. Wilson Iowa State University History of Science and Religion
Dr. Patrick A. Wilson Hampden-Sydney College Science and Religion: Theistic & Naturalistic Perspectives on Cosmology & Evolution
Dr. James Yerkes Moravian College Religion and Science: Towards New Understanding of Nature and the Sacred


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