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1995 Course Award Winners

Instructor Institution Course Title
Dr. Dawn Adams Baylor University Science and Religion
Dr. John R. Albright Purdue University Metaphor, Mythos, Model: Analogical Thought in Religion and Science
Dr. George P. Alcser Marygrove College Religion and Science at the Frontiers
Dr. Diogenes Allen Princeton Theological Seminary The Book of Nature, Yesterday and Today
Dr. Mariano Artigas Universidad De Navarra Science and Faith
Dr. Robert M. Augros St. Anselm College Great Books Seminar: Preceptorial in Science and Religion
Dr. Charles R. Ault Jamestown College The Relationship Between Science and Religion: Conflict or Congruence?
Dr. Charles Austerberry Creighton University Science and Religion
Dr. Robin E. Baker Grand Canyon University Faith and Living in the 21st Century
Dr. Steve Baldner St. Francis Xavier University Christianity and Science
Dr. Richard Bell University of Nottingham Determinism and Free Will in Theological and Scientific Perspectives
Dr. Russell Bishop Gordon College Science and Religion in Historical Perspective
Dr. Peter J. Brancazio Brooklyn College Science and Religion
Dr. Trey M. Buchanan Wheaton College History and Systems of Psychology and Integration
Dr. Ragan Callaway University of Montana Judeo-Christian Perspectives on Nature
Dr. Richard F. Carlson University of Redlands Science and Theology
Dr. William Carroll Cornell College Creation and Science: The Medieval Heritage
Dr. Hyung S. Choi Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences Theology and Modern Physics
Dr. Frederick Churchill Indiana University Evolution, Religion, and Society
Dr. Ronald Cole-Turner Memphis Theological Seminary Special Studies in Theology: Science and the Soul
Dr. Larry J. Crockett Augsburg College Science and Religion: Complexity and Creativity
Dr. Eduardo Cruz Pontificia Universidade What are Science and Theology For?
Dr. Charles L. Currie St. Joseph's University Theology and Science: From Conflict to Dialogue
Dr. Edward B. Davis Messiah College Christianity and Science
Dr. John J. Davis Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Frontiers of Science and Faith
Dr. Don W. Dotson David Lipscomb University Science and Religion in the Postmodern West
Dr. Willem B. Drees Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Anthropology, Natural Science, Morality, and Religion: Brains and Mind/Spirit
Dr. Bryan Edgar Bible College of Victoria Anthropology at the Interface of Science and Theology
Dr. Peter Fulljames Selly Oak Colleges Science, Technology and Mission
Dr. Robin Gill University of Kent at Canterbury Science and Religion
Dr. Mehdi Golshani Sharif University of Technology Science and Religion
Dr. William Grassie University of Pennsylvania Science and the Sacred
Dr. David Ray Griffin School of Theology at Claremont Creation and Evolution
Dr. Robert B. Griffiths Carnegie-Mellon University Science and Religion
Dr. Meredith Handspicker Andover Newton Theological School Scientific Thought and Christian Theology
Dr. James Hannon Suffolk University Religion and Science
Dr. John Hart Carroll College Spirit, Science and Nature
Dr. John F. Haught Georgetown University Science, Myth and Religion
Dr. Philip J. Hefner Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago Epic of Creation: Scientific and Religious Perspectives on Our Origins
Dr. Carl S. Helrich Goshen College Science and Religion
Dr. Peter E. Hodgson University of Oxford Science and Belief
Dr. Nancy R. Howell Pacific Lutheran University Theological Studies: Women, Science and Religion
Dr. James E. Huchingson Florida International University Science and Religion
Dr. Rhonda H. Jacobsen Messiah College Behavioral Science Seminar
Dr. Arthur Jones St. Peter's Church An Introduction to Issues in Science and Religion
Dr. Stanton Jones Wheaton College History and Systems of Psychology and Integration
Dr. Vladimir Katasonov Russian Academy of Sciences Philosophical and Religious Foundations of 17th Century Mathematical Thought
Dr. Dr. Klaus K. Klostermaier University of Manitoba The Nature of Nature: Scientific & Various Philosophical and Religious Views of Nature
Dr. Richard A. Knopp Lincoln Christian College Science and Theology: Perspectives, Problems and Possibilites
Dr. Duane H. Larson Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary Constructing Theology by Engaging the Sciences
Dr. Edward Larson University of Georgia Topics in Science and Religion in the Western Tradition
Dr. Laurent Leduc University of Toronto Advanced Topics: Science and Relgion
Dr. David C. Lindberg University of Wisconsin Science, Medicine and Religion
Dr. Ernest C. Lucas Bristol Baptist College Copernicus to Capra: Interactions between Science and Religion
Dr. James Mahoney Marlboro College Life and Intelligence: Science and Religious Perspective
Dr. H. Newton Malony Fuller Theological Seminary Introduction to the Integration of Psychology and Theology, Religion and Science
Dr. Larry Martin North Park College Science Through the Eyes of Faith
Dr. Joseph McCann Dublin City University Religion and Science
Dr. Donald McNally University of Toronto Issues in Christianity and the Life Sciences
Dr. Stephen C. Meyer Whitworth College Science and Religion
Dr. John F. Miller, III University of South Florida Science and Religion
Dr. Francez H. Mitchell University of the Ozarks Science and Religion
Dr. Paul Morris Abilene Christian University Religion and Science
Dr. George L. Murphy Trinity Seminary The Science-Theology Dialogue
Dr. Nancey Murphy Fuller Theological Seminary Theology and Science
Dr. Craig L. Nessan Wartburg Theological Seminary Science and Theology
Dr. Harold H. Oliver Boston University Living Voices on the Relation of Science and Religion
Dr. Thomas B. Ommen Villanova University Science and Religion
Dr. Henry E. Outlaw Delta State University Science, Literature and Religion
Dr. Daniel L. Pals University of Miami Religion and Science
Dr. Ann M. Pederson Augustana College Senior Seminar in Science and Religion
Dr. Robert E. Pennock Russell Sage College Religion and Science
Dr. Karl E. Peters Rollins College Humanity-Nature-God:An Introduction to Religion in a Scientific Age
Dr. Ted Peters Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences Genetics, Theology and Family Ethics
Dr. James C. Peterson Wingate College Science and Theology on Being Human
Dr. Michael W. Poole University of London Science and Religion
Dr. Joel R. Primack University of California-Santa Cruz Cosmology and Culture
Dr. Kurt A. Richardson Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Theology of Creation
Dr. Jon H. Roberts University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Contemporary Historical Problems: Science and Religion Since 1500
Dr. David Rothenberg New Jersey Institute of Technology Science, Technology and Religion
Dr. William A. Rottschaefer Lewis and Clark College Science and Religion: A Comparison of Ways of Knowing
Dr. Loyal D. Rue Luther College Science and Religion
Dr. James F. Salmon, S.J. Loyola College Creation and Evolution
Dr. Jeffrey P. Schloss Westmont College Biology and Faith
Dr. Karl Schmitz-Moorman Weston Jesuit School of Theology Creation in the Light of Scientific Worldviews
Dr. Edward L. Schoen Western Kentucky University Religion, Science and Contemporary Life
Dr. Egbert Schuurman Technological Universities of Delft & Eindhoven Religion, Science and Technology
Dr. William A. Stahl University of Regina Issues in Religion and the Sciences
Dr. Peter K. Steinfeld Buena Vista College In Search of the Universe:The Interface Between Religion and Science
Dr. John Stenhouse University of Otago Topics in Intellectual History: Science and Religion
Dr. W. Christopher Stewart Houghton College Religious and Scientific Perspectives on Human Life
Dr. Thaddeus J. Trenn University of Toronto Religion and Science
Dr. Allen R. Utke University of Wisconson-Oshkosh Issues in Science and Religion
Dr. J. Wentzel van Huyssteen Princeton Theological Seminary Theology and the Challenge of Darwinism
Dr. Fraser Watts University of Cambridge Theology and Science
Dr. Wesley Wildman Boston University Religious Faith and Scientific Understanding
Dr. Chris Wiltsher University of Sheffield An Introduction to Science and Religion


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