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Dean Rebecca S. Chopp, Titus Street Professor of Theology and Culture
Wesley Avram, Clement-Muehl Assistant Professor of Communications
Yale University, Divinity School
Email: Rebecca.chopp@yale.edu

With the rich array of professional schools - including the schools of Medicine, Forestry & Environmental Sciences, Nursing, Law, Management and Divinity - the possibilities for amplifying the conversation between science and religion are enormous at Yale. The professions represented by the professional schools at Yale have longstanding experience in crossing disciplinary boundaries. The schools provide fertile settings in which to explore the implications of this dialogue for forming sophisticated leaders of finance, law, religion, medicine, and environmental studies who will continue the exchange of ideas in the United States and throughout the world. 

Dean Chopp and Prof. Avram plan to offer a course entitled "Science, Technology, and Theology" in Spring 2003. Theology will be the first window into the dialogue of religion and science; however the course will be offered throughout other divisions of the university, thus informing its interdisciplinary intent. The course will be revised for future use, and papers will be submitted to The Journal of Faith and Science Exchange. 

In addition, a one- or two-day conference is scheduled for Fall 2004. This event will be planned by an advisory committee and will be based on an audit of courses and faculty teaching and research interests at Yale. Selected faculty members, drawn from both the sciences and from religion and religion-related disciplines, will deliver papers identifying special areas of teaching in science and religion. Pedagogical problems and possibilities will be presented in a panel presentation, and facilitated workshops will help identify new possibilities for the teaching of science and religion at Yale. Possible outcomes of this conference are additional workshops in teaching science and religion, and creation of new courses.

Central to the Fellowship proposal is the Advisory Committee. This group will develop the conference and will be an outreach of the overall review of the undergraduate college, Yale College, led by Dean Richard Brodhead. The planning activities of this review provide an ideal opportunity to affect curriculum at all levels - the college, the graduate school and the professional schools. The Advisory Committee will be a broad-based coalition with faculty from across the university who work in science and religion. They may also elect to pursue further development of financial, scholarly, and institutional support to strengthen the dialogue beyond this project. 

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