University of California, Berkeley, and the Graduate Theological Union

Carolyn Merchant, Environmental Studies Department
Rosemary Reuther, visiting professor at the GTU

These two institutions will join resources to offer a course entitled "Gender, Environment, Religion and Science." It will be listed both as a GTU course and as an Environmental Science and Policy Management course at UCB. The first six sessions will be equally divided between the two Fellows, and subsequent sessions will feature guest lecturers drawn from the vast resources of scientists, philosophers and anthropologists from UC Berkeley and from theologians, ethicists, and biblical scholars at the GTU. The course will be taught in Spring 2003, and will be followed by a one-day conference on the UC Berkeley campus focused on "Theological and Scientific Responses to Population and Consumption." Scientific and religious leaders in the field of population and consumption will present lectures and lead discussions; the event will be open to the public.

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