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CTNS is recognized worldwide as a leader in theology and science publications. From 1981-2002, CTNS published the quarterly, scholarly journal, The CTNS Bulletin (index available on-line). Since 2003, CTNS publishes the tri-annual peer-reviewed journal, Theology and Science (Routledge-Taylor & Francis).

Numerous CTNS books are used in colleges, universities, and seminaries around the world. From 1996-2000, CTNS also helped recognize some of the best publications in theology and science by awarding the Outstanding Books in Theology and the Natural Sciences Prize.

Current CTNS members now have full online access to Theology and Science and full online access to to 52 past issues of The CTNS Bulletin. You may subscribe here.

CTNS/ Vatican Observatory Series on Divine Action

The CTNS/Vatican Observatory book series is the fruit of a multi-year collaboration between the two institutions. The project, and the accompanying book series, focuses on the theological concept of divine action in relation to contemporary scientific theories. Featuring an international team of scholars including physicists, biologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, and theologians, this series consists of an inaugural volume on foundational topics ( Physics, Philosophy, and Theology) followed by five co-published volumes on the theme of divine action.

Chapter summaries on Divine Action.

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Other Online Resources

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Religion and Science: Pathways to Truth (Wesley Ministries Network), hosted by Dr. Francis Collins

Printed Publications by other organizations:
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science

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