The Charles H. Townes Graduate Student Fellowship

The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS) established the Graduate Student Fellowship in 2005 in order to help support doctoral students at the Graduate Theological Union working in science and theology.

The Fellowship was renamed the Charles H. Townes Graduate Student Fellowship on September 16, 2006 in recognition of Dr. Townes' work with physics graduate students at UC Berkeley and for his generous and longstanding support of CTNS. Dr. Townes is a Nobel Laureate in Physics for his role in the discovery of the maser and laser, Professor of Physics in the Graduate School at UC Berkeley and Templeton Prize Winner. Dr. Townes serves on the Advisory Board of the CTNS Program Science and Transcendence Advanced Research Series (STARS), was a participating scientist in the CTNS Program Science and the Spiritual Quest (SSQ), and has served for 2 decades on the CTNS Board of Directors. This announcement and tribute may be found on the CTNS website,

Robert John Russell, CTNS Founder / Director and Ian G. Barbour Professor of Theology and Science at the GTU states:

Charlie has been a champion of the intellectual validity and ethical voice of religion to an often skeptical and even dismissive scientific community.  Charlie has been unremittingly outspoken in his conviction that science and religion are convergent rather than in conflict or in isolated realms. In particular, science should not be co-opted into the service of atheism and materialism but instead celebrated as a lasting partner with religion in service to the wider culture. As a Nobel laureate in physics with over two dozen honorary degrees and as a member of such distinguished societies as the National Academy of Science and the Pontifical Academy of Science, Charlie represents the world of theological education in places where we could never go and to people who would never listen to us even if we got there.

Charles Townes
The CTNS Charles H. Townes Fellowship is for Graduate Theological Union doctoral students pursuing research in theology and science. Applicants need to be working on their comprehensive exams at an advanced level (the equivalent of the "special comprehensive exams" in the Area of Systematic and Philosophical Theology) or have finished their comprehensive exams and are working on their dissertation or dissertation proposal. The awards are given on the basis of merit:  students must clearly demonstrate their ability to do promising research on issues of theology and science. 

CTNS is building up this fund so doctoral students in the future will continue to receive this fellowship award to help support their academic research in theology and science.

CTNS invites you to contribute to this student fund by mailing a check to:
CTNS-Charles H. Townes Student Fund
2400 Ridge Rd.
Berkeley, CA 94709 USA
or by donating on-line

Your donations to CTNS are tax-deductible.


Fellowship Award Winners

2014-2015: Ki Wook Min
2013-2014: Daekyung Jung and Mariusz Tabaczek, O.P.
2012-2013: John King, Sungho Lee and Alan Weissenbacher
2009-2010: Brian Green and Adam Pryor
2008-2009: Junghyung Kim
2007-2008: Braden Molhoek and Oliver Putz
2006-2007: Whitney Bauman and Joshua Moritz
2005-2006: Gaymon Bennett and James Haag
2004-2005: Nathan Hallanger and Nancy Wiens

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