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Bridging Science and Religion

  Edited by Ted Peters and Gaymon Bennett
Foreword by Robert John Russell

ISBN 0334028930
SCM Press
280 pages

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This collection brings together a number of distinguished contributors from the sciences, comparative philosophy and religious studies to address some of the most important current themes in the interplay of science and religion. Cumulatively, these essays are representative of the cutting edge as regards the ongoing conversation between these two disciplines, and will be an ideal starting point for those interested in the whole field. Sponsored by the prestigious Center for Theology and Natural Sciences in Berkeley, the volume therefore has much to offer academics, professionals and students working in both major areas, science and religion.

The book is divided into three sections. Part one establishes a working methodology for the proposed dialogue, or bridge building, between scientific and religious approaches to reality. Part two lays down the scientific challenge to current theological and ethical positions, from the perspective of genetics, neuroscience, natural law and evolutionary biology. Part three offers a religious response to modern science from the various interfaith or secular perspectives of scholars working out of Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Orthodox, Latin American Catholic and Chinese contexts. An extensive Bibliography points students towards further reading.

Many volumes in this area tend to be altogether dominated by Christian positions. The unique aspect of this collection is its showcasing of attitudes towards science from outside of the West, and its inclusive and timely comparative dimension. Bridging Science and Religion is set to become an indispensable reference work for all those working in this burgeoning sub-discipline.

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