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CTNS offers courses at the doctoral and seminary level as a program of the Graduate Theological Union, an ecumenical and interfaith consortium of nine independent seminaries and ten affiliated centers based in Berkeley, California. CTNS is committed to offer these courses in order to bring future clergy and teachers to greater awareness of this important interdisciplinary work. Located next to the University of California at Berkeley, CTNS welcomes U.C. graduate students into course discussion.

The Science and Religion Course Program, was an eight-year initiative to encourage the teaching of science and religion in seminaries, colleges, and universities worldwide. Over 700 courses in science and religion have been taught around the world and many are now integrated in regular course curricula. This program was made possible by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

As part of this program a contingent of CTNS faculty, associated faculty and staff led a multi-lecture tour in Taiwan and China. Robert Russell has written a brief report on this unique science and religion lecture tour to China:

"In October 2002 CTNS sponsored the first-ever lecture tour on science and religion in the People's Republic of China. These lectures by biologist Francisco Ayala, Ted Peters and I were held at the leading research universities of the PRC, in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Ji'nan. Hundreds of scholars, scientists, top university administrators, and students packed into the conference room at each event to hear what seemed like a startling new hope: that science does not commit them to atheism, but rather that science can be a pathway to God and spiritual knowledge. My lecture has been translated into Chinese and is expected to be published in their leading science journal. In advance of the conference, Ted Peters worked with Kang Phee Seng, along with Gaymon Bennett, to put together an extensive textbook on science and religion including the top essays in the field. This textbook promises to be very effective in teaching courses in science and religion in China. Phee Seng had the entire textbook, Bridging Science and Religion, translated into Chinese, and published by the China Social Sciences Press. Every participating professor and student at our conferences received a copy of this resource to promote classroom involvement in the future of science and religion in China."


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